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Mother gang-raped, family massacred in Mannar
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Joined: Apr 2006
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LK Information  12 Jun 2006 02:46:06 GMT  Report for Abuse  
TigaLivzin who cares where

Hey Tiga - have you given up your claim to Australia as your tamil homeland. Particularly after insulting the aborigines.

Rape rape rape, murder murder murder thats the latest medicine prescribed by the LTTE to the tamils. First to teach a lesson to those who do not toe 'the line'. Next to gain sympathy of the international community. Third to create a mass exodus of people from the North and East to create a humanitarian crisis.

The Godfathers of terrorism living overseas have given these instructions to the brainless LTTE killers in sri Lanka to implement.

We are seeing the consequences.
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LK Information  12 Jun 2006 02:57:59 GMT  Report for Abuse  
No matter what these morons think they've achieved, even the land we allowed them to keep, is shrinking like Velu's dick. Last month it was the East, now the west, when we already hold the north and the south. The best part is the rhetoric about having realzed 70% of the dream, when these goons cannot cross the road into the east without the government soldiers holding their hand, for fear of either Karuna or some other shadow in the darkness.

New evidence surfacing shows that the Mannar massacre was done by the same LTTE Lt.Colonel nattami who got bushwhacked two days later. That's swift justice by any counts.

Someday we the sinhalese are going to look back at this sorry episode and be thankful to the terrorist supporter tamils for bringing all sinhalese and the moderate tamils and muslims together. Let us hope that the lesson we do not forget is to treat all people alike, irrespective of differences or preferences.
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LK Information  12 Jun 2006 03:16:49 GMT  Report for Abuse  
Magha, vinivida, saman34, aeiou, sandman, Rapaport, Thiviya, nada, aabdeen, Sanith2, Lttemadayan, TheColonel, nada, newbie, Madprof, maninder, tigeress19, dillout, Kamalpere2, Kamani, Kural, Kanthan, AnuD, and others contributing to this tread,

MorafiNes posed a question
All members of this the following true. Can anyone enlighten me pls.

This guy (who is NOT a supporter of LTTE) wants to know the truth as you know or see it, to get a clue as to who could have done this crime? SLA? or LTTE?

He wants to know if SLA rapd the Tamil girl Krishanthi and murdered the whole family and neighbour as Corpral Rajapakse alleged or LTTE supporters are trying to incriminate SLA? Is it also true what Corporal Rajapakse says that it was the senior ranks in the army who commanded him and other juniors to carry out these crimes and kill those 400 Tamils arrested for questioning.

You must answer his quetion rather than throwing muds on each other.

The question was to Tamils and Sinhalese alike. Muslim Abdulsalaam can also answer if he knew the answer.
Edited By - saleemtariq - 12 Jun 2006 04:26:20 GM
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LK Information  12 Jun 2006 04:02:33 GMT  Report for Abuse  
1.The inquest has revealed that neither the woman nor her daughter had been raped.The inquests were conducted by Mannar Judicial Medical Officer Prabhakaran.
2.Earlier it was said that the mother had been intimacyually assaulted.
3.A used condom was also found near the bodies.
from e-news.

Rape is a whole fabrication of LTTE who dont know the difference between a used condom and unused one or just opend one before used.

I saw the tamilnet pictures the condom had been just only opened out from its packet.
A fool could tell it can rewind a condom back after its used.

I am sure this is another massacre done by LTTE for this family being army intelligence for money.

No wander, the condom must have been brought by TamilNet journelist to discredit the government.Because, Tamilnet can fabricate a story that the only people to use condoms while intimacy are army.
yet to find the plastic packet of the opened condom. This must be in the pocket of Tamilnet agent.
Edited By - LankaTileke - 12 Jun 2006 06:00:09 GM
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Joined: Aug 2005
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LK Information  12 Jun 2006 04:30:19 GMT  Report for Abuse  

Can you answer the question posed by MorafiNes?

In that family too all the members of the family were murdered.
Joined: Jun 2006
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LK Information  12 Jun 2006 04:33:19 GMT  Report for Abuse  
Well my dear sinhala friends,
just before you go to bed tonight, close your eyes and imagine the horror this young family must have faced before they were mercilesly killed by men whom you consider as heroes.
then ask the question, is this the way to win the hearts and minds of the tamils?
will any tamil trust a state that turns a blind eye to the evil killers and tries to blame every one other than the security forces who are widely belived by many sources to be involved?
some of you are trying to say that no rape was committed? but does it matter? how about the murder of these four defenceless civillians?
untill such time you people begin to see this picture, winning the tamils away from the LTTE will always remain a distant dream for you.
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Joined: Dec 2005
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LK Information  12 Jun 2006 04:58:20 GMT  Report for Abuse  
can you please once again point out the question that brought by MorafiNes?
I couldnt catched it very well.

you are talking nonsonse.

your maaveera who massacred this family for giving intelligence to the army, have already got in to the dump train leaving for tamileelam.

Dont you remember tha past? Who used knive, axes to kill people?

Sri Lanka gov. should use modern technology to prove them as soon as possible.
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