UNP politico attacks US diplomats

  • 28 May 2006 02:07:04 GMT

    Is this Duminda,Mervyn Silva`s son? If he is,then an apple doesn`t fall far from the tree.

  • 28 May 2006 02:41:10 GMT


    Target the wallets of these thugs... to get millions through lawsuits. Never accept apologies or private settlements... in the interest of other peaceful folks.

    That will be an excellent deterrent.

  • 28 May 2006 03:18:49 GMT

    [Ranil must kick this thugh out of the UNP,it`s a bloody shame!]

    If Ranil Kicks out such thugs, there won`t be any UNPers left. OK may be Karu / Vi Ja Mu and a few more will be left.

    Same goes to most of other parties, as well.

  • 28 May 2006 04:24:45 GMT

    I know this guy and it`s shame to say that this idiot from my college-president`s college rajagiriya, which produced outstanding students.

    just b`cos of his brother (reynor silva) being the director of the, `ABS broadcasting service-hiru FM etc`, which he received the free publicity and spending some money to feed idiotic, illiterate UNP thugs including ranil, became the provincial councillor in the western provice.

    the questions we need to look into is......

    why no action from the UNP?

    why the judge bailed him out on a pending rape case-shows how crappy our legal system is

    why do people cast their invaluable vote on idiots like this?

    why police? police chief is silent on these issues `specially when these idiotic politicians get possessed with demons in front of people`?

    why do these people get body guards? we all should raise this question....... as to protect a `severely mentally retarded/ill` person why our government spend so much public money?

  • 28 May 2006 04:25:26 GMT

    Duminda Silva is the guy who raped a 15 year old girl and bailed recently.

    Apparently, that girl`s older sister was his girlfriend, and this dog couldn`t resist having both, and ended up by raping her.

    The club has a problem with Silvas...I think the club security has to be selective before getting the Silva`s into the club....

  • 28 May 2006 06:33:17 GMT


    This is not Mervyn`s son. But Mervyn`s son is also a real loose case as well. Apple fell right at the foot of the tree.

  • 28 May 2006 07:16:03 GMT

    I`ve known Duminda since he was a kid and for all the critics he not what you`ll think or what the press has lable him as...

    Duminda is a very down to eart person who worked very hard to get to what he is today. He is been framed and draged to this sort of incedence becouse of his polularity to tanish his good name.

    Duminda won the election with a clean sweep and is a threath to other polititions.

    All what i have to say to Duminda is not get discurrage, work hard to become the president of our mother land.

    F off all the stupid guys who has writen crap...

  • 28 May 2006 07:19:07 GMT

    How can a rapist be a provincial council member? Shouldn`t any member found guilty of a crime autoamatically lose the membership in a local or central government? It used to be like that! When did that change?

    I think there are many such in all political parties inSri Lanka, including the Tamil and Muslim. That`s why it is now difficult to govern, what ever party comes in to power. Thuggery, murder, corruption and malpractices are the norm in the governing bodies. We probalbly are now worse than Bagladesh and India in this sense!

    To get the country out of the rot, we need to solve the problem of the LTTE by either getting them to democratize and beat them militarrily if they do not, devolve power in a India style union with no rights to secede which can be guaranteed getting the agreement of Inida to defend any attempt to secede, and then finally get rid of all such uneanted characters from the governing bodies for which we need a strong leader the type of Mahatir or Lee Kwan. Is Mahinda the person is to be seen!

  • 28 May 2006 09:50:36 GMT

    No wonder that Sri Lanka was almost branded as a failed state and lying within the 25 lowest countries in the world while imbeciles like this are elected by people to polical office. Send him back to a good school or ask him to pay a supervised trip for three months in the West to learn how to drink and enjoy life without becoming an arsehole.


  • 28 May 2006 12:05:49 GMT

    Oh Please RohanFraddie.... stop bragging about a thug, a rapist AND A LOOOOOOOOOOOSERRRRRRRRRRR!