Govt rejects LTTE`s claim to `homeland` sea, airspace

  • 13 May 2006 20:57:50 GMT

    The truth is there is nothing in Sri Lanka other than Sri Lanka.

    If anyone is playing games with the country`s souverignity they should be dealt severely and be not allowed for any communication. GOSL is the ONLY legitimate entity of Sri Lanka.

  • 13 May 2006 21:10:30 GMT

    What right this sinhala state terrorist have, to reject our claims.Go to hell.We will do as we wish.If you can, try and prevent us using the sea route.Next time there will not be SLMM to save you buggers.You will end up at the bottom of the sea.

  • 13 May 2006 21:13:27 GMT

    For the Benefit of every one here i wish to paste a letter, written by the SLMM monitor who was on board the SLN Dovra when the LTTE attacked, that appeared on Sunday times. Very interesting comments.

    Please NOTE that these comments are comming from a SLMM monitor who accoding to some are PRO-LTTE..........


    SLMM hails Navy officer`s exemplary behaviour

    The Sri Lanka Monitoring Misssion has commended the officer in charge of Navy Dvora patrol craft P-421, Lieutenant R.J. Walgampaya, for his exemplary behaviour in the face of last Thursday`s LTTE attack on his vessel.

    SLMM Deputy Head of Naval Monitoring Team in Jaffna Lars Bleymann was on board the Dvora P-421 with the SLMM flag aloft when the attack took place. In a letter dated May 12 to Rear Admiral Upali Ranaweera, Commander, Northern Naval Area, this is what Mr. Bleymann said:

    `I wish to thank the SLN in general and Lt. Walgampaya, OIC P-421, and his crew in particular for the fact that I am still here.

    `It is my sincere opinion that Lt. Walgampaya yesterday before, during and after the Sea Tiger attack behaved exemplarily. I cannot describe in words how thankful I am to him. His calm and collected behaviour during this operation is a credit to SLN. I mean that from the bottom of my heart. He never wavered, never lost his coolness and never lost his professionalism. Not one single session during the attack did I have any doubts about his abilities. His crew carried out his orders and were never in doubt. They too are a credit to SLN.

    `I am proud to be able to say that I was on P-421 during this terrible episode. I would be very grateful if you could personally pass my comments on to him and his men. `Once again I would like to state that they are real credit to your organisation. With people like that serving for you, you can rest assured that SLN is in a very good state.

    `I would also like to pass on my sympathy to the families of the victims of P-418. I was lucky enough to be on board with Lt. (Cmdr.) Edirisinghe and his crew only two days earlier.`

  • 13 May 2006 21:20:09 GMT

    Well said Govt.

    The plain fact is that the LTTE naval unit is an illegal entity. No country in the world should allow any sea tigers or sea monkeys to carry weapons and ammunitions at sea. And so should Sri Lanka.

    The Sea Tiger is NOT a legitimate organization or ?state? party to carry weapons and ammunitions at sea according to international laws at sea and also in the territorial waters of Sri Lanka which are controlled by the Sri Lanka navy as per 1.7 of the CFA. Any one can claim the sovereign rights to the adjacent sea and airspace of their so called ?homeland? but in reality and as per international laws its nothing but an amusing statement by few entertainers.

    Sri Lanka navy is the only legitimate force at sea

  • 13 May 2006 21:29:16 GMT

    GOSL,dos n`t need to answer any foreign nor local news wires.Even when the GOSL bombs the terrorists targets just have to deny saying its terrorist propaganda

  • 13 May 2006 21:43:14 GMT

    GOSL rejects LTTE`s claim to homeland, sea and airspace.

    Pathetically, JVP and JHU instilled in the minds of the people acknowledging the LOSS OF LAND ,SEA and AIR to LTTE.

    To the majority of singhalese this ais a nightmare and have elected the hardline team of politicians to reclaim the land and recuperate it`s dignity.

    Easy come Easy GOOOOOOO!!

    One shall keep what they earned.


  • 13 May 2006 21:52:10 GMT

    Thanks anizam for the letter

    I must say I`m very proud and grateful to the Sri Lanka Navy and specially the commanders like Lt. Walgampaya and his men for the courage they have displayed last Thursday. Sri Lanka needs heroes like these. And like wise the brave sailors of the Sri Lanka Navy who died defending our fellow soldiers and country.

  • 13 May 2006 22:24:27 GMT

    Anizam correct me if I am wrong, but traditionally the SLN has been known to behave in a professional way generally. It is the SLA that is supposed to be the unprofessional sorts - rapes, extra-judicial killings, robberies etc.

  • 13 May 2006 23:08:24 GMT

    [Govt rejects LTTE`s claim to `homeland` sea, airspace]

    Hey man, who cares? What are you going to do about it, eh?

    Accept the reality of Eelam and move on.


  • 13 May 2006 23:16:07 GMT


    First things first, I checked your link and think the solution does not other words obsolete OK (like JVP!)

    Ok guys and girls, if you can open the above link it contains the solution for the ethnic war by JVP no more WAR!

    Now I answer your allegations,

    You wrote,

    [You are not the Sec: Gen: of the UN ,

    You are not the president of the Yankees ,

    Even you are not the premiere of India ,

    So you can`t even oblige,impose or compel Sri lankan

    political authority to implement anything !!

    ( But you behave like that.Read your own words again. )

    It is useless to have any more dialog with you,

    Mr. MARK LEVINSON !! ]

    You are a typical JVPer, mind you I met plenty of your type in my life,because you don`t know what you are talking about!

    please clarify what the ethnic conflict and my behaviour got to do with American President, UN Sec. Gen and Indian PM!!

    Yes, I of course can`t impose or compel Sri Lankan authority to do anything...CAN YOU? but it doesn`t prevent me from publishing my ideas(remember we don`t live in Stalin`s communist USSR where you could have gagged people OK)

    It might be useless to have dialogues with me my friend but keep it in mind that JVP can`t fool all the people all the time OK