Govt. says Tiger air force base bombed in limited operation

  • 13 May 2006 01:07:28 GMT


    [Issue some Treasury Bills and raise cash to buy some attack aircraft to destroy each boat LTTE put out to the sea.. Buy a spy satellite and put into orbit...]

    Is your brain in orbit too ??? What nonsense are you on about the country cant afford food and you want to buy a satellite. Why dont you send the airforce to moon too in the process.

    Is this how you people want to defend this country ?. First we should spend some money to buy brains for our politicians.

    Which country do you want to go and beg from now ?. Sri lankans bunch of beggers!!. Thats all we are!!.

    Who was the one who said we had bankrupt ideas ??? Mate i must say your idea is certainly one that top`s the list here!!.

  • 13 May 2006 02:12:10 GMT

    Aj07 / noel

    Stupidos... pipe dreaming not the exclusive right of your `fake` murderous liberator. I have that right too!

    In fact, putting a spy satellite into orbit is more achievable and realistic than the fake `elaam` pipe dream!

    Ask your mother, if not sure!

    But since you are trained to think using the kidneys, it would take SEVERAL LIGHT YEARS FOR you to realize it.

  • 13 May 2006 02:23:20 GMT


    You are now confirming what I had already thought... a healthy toddler.

  • 13 May 2006 02:44:48 GMT

    What goes around comes around.

  • 13 May 2006 04:52:21 GMT


    Relax. We don`t need satellites etc, when we can buy cheaper tamil labor in the east to do not only the spying, but the cleaning as well.

    It is the era of resource arbitrage. Why buy costly, when cheap works great? The same principle works in this case too.

    Also, we Sinhalese can never aspire to equate the viciousness of one tamil towards another. So it`s gotta be like predator vs alien.

    Just watch from the sidelines. This ought to be spectacular.

  • 13 May 2006 05:15:37 GMT


    There is a truth in what Vivin said. Of course instead of having our own satellite we can get the facility from our friendly countries. But Sri Lanka should develop its coastal guard well with a naval air wing. Now when ever SLN face an encounter it has to called for SLAF support. But this is time consuming and costly. But if Navy ships is having its own attack air gunships they can instantly counter any terrorists attack with a minimum damage.

  • 13 May 2006 11:56:55 GMT


    [Relax. We don`t need satellites etc, when we can buy cheaper tamil labor in the east to do not only the spying, but the cleaning as well.


    Wow... you are meaner than me!

    Yes we can increase the use of this `source` and also consider increasing rewards for them.

    Who knows, when the pay is attractive, even LTTE goons here... like TC, sanith19, nada, tigress19 etc. too would consider joining us, spying on LTTE.

    Welcome LTTE goons!

    What a way to live the life!

  • 13 May 2006 12:42:40 GMT

    [Govt. says Tiger air force base bombed in limited operation]

    Why limited operation? Why didn`t you destroy the base? Is it because you couldn`t find it or is it because you couldn`t shoot straight? Can you at least pee straight?LOL

    If fact these aimless idiots dropped a few bombs into the Iranamadu tank! They must have seen a mirage of the LTTE airbase in the water.LOL LOL LOL

  • 13 May 2006 16:22:15 GMT


    We don`t buy anything from Naveen Ceramics anymore. If we need to buy Jewellery its only Swarnamahal or Vogue.

    You get my point I beleive. Everyone should do the same.

    Hit where it hurts.

  • 13 May 2006 16:57:29 GMT


    I like your name and hope you are not the milkman who was responsible to bring Velu to this world!

    Your post is an eye opener... There are severe lapses in our security net. Every citizen has to play a role to ensure that security is tight.

    The past is gone... we have new leaders and they should MOBILIZE all available resources.

    In a parting note, all Sri Lankans have to observe that its EXTREME HATRED toward the country and its people that`s motivating the LTTE to kill. Nothing else.

    All armed forces should WELL REALIZE that, unless they choose to kill each LTTE terrorists on sight, they have only themselves to blame when the attacks take place in MOST UNLIKELY PLACES.