LTTE refuses SriLankan technical team permission to enter Killinochchi

  • 13 May 2006 18:51:03 GMT

    As long as they shake a drop of a blood of our unique soldiers, we have to retaliate, specially bombing killinochchi and vanni. why not also ealaam courts.

  • 13 May 2006 20:06:29 GMT

    Terrorist organizations like the LTTE and the JVP THRIVE during times of conflict. So

    The LTTE OBVIOUSLY wants to avoid peace talks at any cost.

    The LTTE is a lot more comfortable with war than with a period of peace. The LTTE suffered the MOST during the last four years of relative peace.

    1. The BIGGEST loss the LTTE suffered was the break away of Karuna and the loss of most of its eastern formations. LTTE is a group that is most efficent at violance. When they have no one ELSE to fight they fight each other.

    2. During the last four years of peace, orginary tamils got a taste of what peace could bring to their lives. So any NORMAL human being would never support a group who would take them back to war.

    3. When the LTTE kills during times of peace, the whole world takes notice and condemns. Its a big issue. However when the LTTE kills during times of war, its not a big issue because thats part of war.

    4. The SLG has more to loose from a war than the LTTE. A government has to look into the needs of a people also, in addition to a war. However, the LTTE has no such `other` issues to worry about.

    5. A war will devastate the SL economy. The economy of the south. HOwever, there is no economy in the North -east to be destroyed. So the LTTE has nothing to loose and all to gain.

    Its such a PITY that our BUFFALOS in the south dont realize this simple fact. They think they are against the LTTE but do EXACTLY what the LTTE wants. Having a Nation full of such BUFFALOS is the BIGGEST asset of the LTTE.

  • 13 May 2006 20:59:07 GMT

    When Anton Balasingham arrived by sea plane there No Technicians to inspect the landing site.

    Astonishingly there were TWO IMMIGRATION AND CUSTOMS OFFICERS to greet him and put a chop in his passport that he arrived in the Pearl island of the indian ocean.

    GOSL can fool everybody not the Tamils anymore. Thankfully Traitor Kathirgamar is not around.