Remanded over child marriage

  • 13 May 2006 07:53:11 GMT

    Recent movie `Water` by film maker Meta projects a rasonable view of child marriage. It is an old custom of India wish still exists in some parts over here. With power and positon along money these greedy old men who pray on young and innocent poor creatures just to bed with these innocent childen; `leagally` marrying them just to satisfy thir lust.

    The victims are the poor. Unable to give away their female members in marriage with no dowry is a grave problem. Some parents face this difficulty and bow on to the rich and powerful, mainly to give away their loved ones who prays upon such. Even though it is illegal in India, it`s yet practiced over there. Until such time the dowry system disappear or fade away from the mankind this cancer would remain harming the poor and unable ones.

    Same reason capitalize the rich and powerful in order to bed with these innocent and young creatures just to satisfy their greed and intimacyual hunger. For them it is the law of the jungle. - A wild creature like a Tiger or a vulture prays upon such innocent and weak creatures over their hunger.

    As human beings with reasonable and open minds we must act now with kindness. I trust this would be a solution to this sad problem we hear and see in our civilized world.

    Alfred F. Seneviratne.