Coal power plant: Massive protests in Norochcholai

  • 11 May 2006 17:10:10 GMT

    It is good to see this project FINALLY get off the ground.

    However, going for a Coal power plant AT THIS TIME, shows how FARRRRRRRRRRRR behind SL is, compared to the rest of the wrold. When you have a war for 20 years this is what happens.

    These protestors are obviously not aware of the REAL consequences of a Coal power plant. If porperly handled, This Coal power plant will have almost NO effect on the people of SL. The massive polution caused by COAL power plants have their effect on far away places. Power plants in INDIA have a bigger effect on the air we breath than this one.

    From what i know - every one is looking for new CLEAN sources of energy. Here in the US, Wind power is taking off BIG time. I see a lot of hybrid cars on the road these days. I just dont understand why we also cant look for sources such as Wind, Wave energy instead of COAL.

  • 11 May 2006 17:21:49 GMT


    It seems we still have some thing in common to agree with.Coal power plant was delayed due to the political interest of both SLFP and UNP governments. Former leaders never had national interest rather than political.

    US and other countries can afford to invest heavily on renewable energy but still all rich nations are using coal as one of their main energy sources. Hope Sri Lanka also one day will take initiatives in this directions. But until Sri Lanka becomes financially sound cheap energy is the best.

    I thank you for not using your Key words in this posting.

  • 11 May 2006 17:43:19 GMT

    Rswkv :

    Ofcourse we do :) :)..

    The ONLY reason why rich countries have COAL as a major source of energy is because those plants were ALREADY built. I do not know of any NEW Coal power plants that are being built by rich nations - at least NOT here.

    COAL sees cheap but it wont be cheap for too long for the following reasons.

    1. We dont have COAL. So we will have to import it - probably from China. With OIL cost going up everyday, its just a matter of time before COAL costs catch up.

    2. All over the world SLOWLY BUT SURE, COAL mines are shutting down because of decreasing demand and no one wants to work in those mines (healthy safety reasons). So when those shut down, the supply will decrease and the cost will go up.

    3. This plant will cost us about $350 million. I really dont know the cost of a wind power plant, but lets say a wind power plant of equal size cost $450 million. However it will cost us almost nothing to operate it because for a country like SL, the wind is free. We can recover the extra 100 million - its probably much less) in less than 10 years.. im just making up numbers here but in the long run im sure its much cheaper.

    Im PROUND TO say as of this year, my house is powered by wind power :) :)...

    But you know what rswkv, we can just make all energy problems DISAPPEAR, if we all follow the advise of one of the GREATEST economists the world produced ANd UNPLUG the economy from the rest of the wrold.

    DR (double PHd in economics) wimal weerwansa! :) :) :)

    Im not joking - just think rationally. If we stop all imports, the rest of the world will hit back by not importing our products. Then all the factories will close. So that means NO demand for powr. Thounsands will be without jobs. That means people dont have the money to pay those electricity bills so even less demand for power... With in a matter of a few months the energy we produce from Mahaweli will be more than enough for us :) :) :)

    what do you say??????

  • 11 May 2006 17:47:51 GMT

    Rswkv :

    Also can you please clarify one more thing for me. You said rich countries have the money to invest in new sources of energy but we dont.

    However, on this forum i have seen you basically agree with the JVPs call for WAR. War costs money also - a heck of a lot more than energy.

    SO are you trying to say that we have the Money for war but not to invest in alternate sources of energy?????

  • 12 May 2006 14:06:24 GMT


    I`m not going to reinvent the wheel by telling you the advantages and the disadvantages of both energy sources Coal and Wind. These are already known facts.

    In Sri Lankan context, its immediate concern should be to reduce its dependency on crud oil fired energy production which has already surpassed 60% of its installed capacity. To build 300 MW coal power plat at Norochchole, it costs Sri Lanka $350m. But if you want a build Wind power plant in the same capacity, Capital investment could surpass almost ten times that of a coal power plant, something Sri Lanka even cannot think of. Also the Cost of coal is not going to gain much as claimed due to coal mining are expanding in all producing countries with the discovery of site new mines and continuous willingness of the people to employ in the industry due to high earning (Ex-Australia). But in the longer run Sure Sri Lanka has to invest more on renewable energy sources for the sake of containing environmental effects. But remember still none of renewable energy sources (except Nuclear Energy) is suitable for Mass scale energy production.

    As usually you like to engage in JVP bashing in any topic. Matters you have raised here I have already answered. But let me make you clear by declaring to unplug SL economy from the World Bank, JVP didn`t proclaim that we should isolate ourself from the rest of the work. What it said was we should have our own agenda rather than depending on the world bank instructions which we followed for the past two decades and made us very loyal consumer country and drained our foreign resources. What it said was to stop all pointless spending by limiting unnecessary imports and produce what ever we can for local consumption. That is exactly what the policy India followed until it gains its present economic prosperity. Event today India exert restrictions for many imports that could hurt its local production. For example if we can achieve self sufficiency in rice and Milk production and develop related products we can limit import of wheat flour and Milk products and save billions in foreign exchange. If we can develop our Micro car industry we can save another billions spending for Japanese disposals. Also do you know for developed countries Garbage is a gold mine that creates thousands of jobs in compost industry which provide organic fertilizer for all local agricultural activities and saves billions in foreign exchange. But our politicians still cannot find ways to effectively dispose garbage in Colombo area let alone other productions. These are not really impossible but need only political will.

  • 12 May 2006 14:08:25 GMT

    And Anizm about your last query, for the mankind Food, Shelter and the Security are the three basic needs that have to be fulfilled if they are to survive. So any spending for Country?s security forces satisfies one of the three basic needs vital for the country?s survival.It is very good if we can guarantee country?s security only through peaceful means. Your leader tried it in that way even by weakening security forces (Ex- Millennium city) and by strengthening the enemy (Eg-Duty free state of art Communication equipments, underwater scooters, Wold recognition etc)but only achieved self destruction in terms of country?s security (consider the number of intelligence officials who can be regarded as the spinal code of the security apparatus, killed by terrorists).