Rights group says Lanka has fallen short

  • 6 May 2006 02:01:20 GMT

    I dont see much of the singhala hawks coming and crowing about this great achievment. Or saying the UN is biased. May be LTTE should take up this case in Geneva peace talks when they are accused of child recruitment (which is wrong anyway) that they are fighting on behalf of UN.

    Pot calling the kettle black. Partners in crime GOSL and LTTE.

  • 6 May 2006 03:24:56 GMT

    For a lot of activists and organizations clamoring in this particular field, Human Rights = Cash Cow.

    There isn`t another sadder two words in the human history, than Human Rights. From time immemorial, one man has always tried to deny equal opportunity to another, since that bestows unequal priviledge on the oppressor. The whole world practices priviledge systems, while attempting to conceal the fact behind bogus facades.

    The better liars simply look better than the lesser liars, and even pontificate to the lesser liars about the subject from a position of `moral superiority`. What hasn`t changed in 6,000 years will not change now. Only the lies will become more pursuasive.

  • 6 May 2006 04:20:21 GMT


    Interesting according to you then we should not STRIVE for equality. Its a mere norm that we wont have it so we can discriminate ???.

    Why didnt you accept that in 1947 soon after independence then ?. Why then make singhala only as a national language. You should have just accepted that tamils were better off cos they were educated in english. Should have accepted the norm and carried on . Why did your`ll go to change it ?

  • 6 May 2006 04:53:10 GMT

    Aj 07

    I am a Sinhaleese. Even I am trying to find out the reason for Introducing the Sinhala Only act. This is a great mistake a person did to gain political power. I also find it difficult to understand why we always mention about DS Senannayake when we talk about Indipendence. Why do we want to side line the Tamil leaders who worked together with DS to obtain Independence.

    Other thing I want to let you know is the meaning of equality. It means that equal should be treated equally and unequally should not be treated equally. So when two persons - a sinhalese and a Tamil, if all their circumstances are equal should be treated equally and should be given equal opportunity. The moment you deny equal opportunity it amounts to racial discrimination.

    Human rights or fundamental rights are there to protect and safeguard the rights of all persons irrespective of race cast Creed intimacy or religion. We know the govt is not interested in giving prominence to upholding these rights. At least now all of us, irrespective of race or religious divisions, get united to compel the govt to take more actions to uphold our constitutional rights.