Suicide bomber: pregnancy tests abroad

  • 6 May 2006 04:12:09 GMT

    It shows how the Govt. is trying to coverup the situation. Since already the media confirmed that the women was pregnent on the basis of.........., may be the father of the baby a residence of the Army Head Quarters????? The Sri Lankan Govt Backed investigtions are always framed and prefabricated. How always these people find a the national ID of such suicde bombers beside them???? During Lalith,,,, R Premadasa...... Kadir so on

    When these people going to be civilized ?????????? `An Independent Agent consisting of all Sinhala, Tamil, Muslim, Christian, moor and Burghers and some in collaboration of some International Links to work on such investigations and or probes.

    People are sick. JVP must remember what happened to their so called leader. He was killed in ENCOUNTER. By the Govt. Forces.