VAT fraud: Racketeers build fortunes in Asia, Africa

  • 1 May 2006 12:24:19 GMT

    I am a non resident living out side sri-lanka, when ever we go on holiday to sri-lanka, if i want to withdraw cash (usd)the minimum we can get usd 500.00, but racketeers can take/ send out side the country, millions and billions of vat money. all authority`s should bewake up now

  • 1 May 2006 12:25:13 GMT

    I`m not surprised about these people buying properties overseas because there rich people,C`mon its not rocket science, two of them have big businesses and the other has worked for the sri lankan government for 25 years in top positions, and every top businessman knows that the top government officer worked in a commission based line of work, so they should have lot of money with them. I heard that CID haven`t even pressed charges against these people, and there not allowed bail. something is fishy here, to press charges you need evidence, there not pressing charges cause they don`t have enough evidence against them(but they talk like they have), if they don`t have evidence why did they arrest him.Thats just my opinion.. Yesterday my friends came to dinner at my place, and they all agreed with me, something is not right about this case. The way newspapers are targeting that senior official more than the other so called `Racketeers`. I`m telling everyone look at this case closely, if you look at it closely rather than jumping into early conclusions, why would a senior government official who worked for the government for 25 years ruin his reputation by doing such a thing, all i can say is this,i hope that the newspapers are telling us the truth about this case if not, if these people come out newspapers will be looking at massive lawsuit.