Madhusi O/L champ

  • 29 Apr 2006 12:25:18 GMT

    Prasath,Credit must go to Velupilai Piribaharan for that creating atmosphere for the situation,poor children have great difficulties to study in Vanni except there are children who study abroad

  • 29 Apr 2006 13:27:58 GMT

    Heartiest Congrats, Madhusi, Kasun and Maheshi!

    From someone who achieved a similar feat ages ago!

  • 29 Apr 2006 14:43:13 GMT

    The entire system of education in SL is old fashion and restrictive in its cope. The curriculum and content is not in touch with recent scientific advances. When comparing to a highly competitive exam like the MCAT the med sch entrance exam in the USA, the A/L is nothing but an exam of shear memorization which any clown can do given the resources, MCAT is an exam which requires application of knowledge to solve scientific problems where the student should not only have an advance insight into the subject but be able to apply it in a problem base question. The education system is very limited in its scope with excluding many qualified candidates owing to a lack of seats it does not encourage private universities to compete and limits the opportunity to get educated after the age of 21. This is ther reason why we have so many youngesters joining the JVP and LTTE to express their frustration, the whole system is out of syn with the rest of the world.........

  • 29 Apr 2006 14:58:37 GMT

    Hi Prasath

    `Long gone the days when tamils dominated at o/l and a/l exams` what you wrote!

    This is noway that we could address the Tamils. Of course they have demeaned the Sinhalese as Modayas et al. Now its time for us to show that we are far above that. All what we must do is make a condusive atmosphre for poor and the scheduled caste Tamils to come forward and join the commom man disregarding the Brahamins who enjoyed the benefits of better education facilities in Jaffna for the exclusive class ably supported by the Church leaders.

    There maybe hundreds of Madhushikas among those Tamils languishing in refugee camps thnaks to Prbhakaran and TULF Brahamins not forgetting Sinhala dirty politicians. Lets find a way to give them their due place in society among us Sinhalese. Not the peace merchants.

  • 29 Apr 2006 15:52:50 GMT

    Congratulations ms madhusi,and the rest who achieve success by overcoming many obstacles in life.

    Let me have a few words to the ones who had been very negative about other peoples achievments.First of all be positive so your personal life will be benifited with peace and happiness. Why cant we put aside sinhalese ,tamil thing and get along like srilankans and be human instead of mud-slinging at each other.

    My personal quote dont live in the past, past is history and compromise with peace love and happiness. Let build the once beautiful srilanka together with the old glory

  • 30 Apr 2006 04:54:40 GMT

    Hi Madusi

    keep it up ,hpoe you do

    better in the future

    my heartful thanks