New security plan in operation

  • 28 Apr 2006 01:35:06 GMT

    Well said Aj07!

  • 28 Apr 2006 03:41:50 GMT


    I got a better one. Today she will come like that but tommorrow she might come in a different way.

    So why not shoot everyone first and then find out who it is. The enemy changes everyday. One day they are a vallet at the presidents house, another day they are a person selling coconuts, another day its a pregnant woman. So I say we shoot everyone in colombo streets that way we will make sure those bullets are put to good use.

    That way we can control the population growth of sri lanka too.

  • 28 Apr 2006 04:33:56 GMT



    I see reactionary trend only in SL security measures.

    Profiling or targetting Tamils between 10-60 is not going to solve the security problem.

    I personally know ladies who studied in the Singhala medium and earned Distinction for the singhala language. But were identified as Tamils during 83 riots and affected.

    You just can`t beat them, if you go by your profiling techniques. Like in Marketing management and Military Strategy an enemy will also always look for a competitive advantage.

    SCREEN EVERYBODY IF SECURITY MEASURES ARE TO BE IMPLEMENTED TO THE LETTER. The only disadvantage and a challenge that GOSL or in particular the President faces is that he does not have a reliable, loyal and patriotic Army of soldiers in his command.

    Enemy is within and from outside.

    President may be able to win his enemies either by GUN OR THE PEN. Never will he win the treasonous elements within his circle.

    May God bless him with courage and passion for justice, equality and plurality in government.


  • 28 Apr 2006 05:30:02 GMT

    It seems already security plan starts to work, kottakethaniya already killed 5 tamils and head off them and placed their bodies in an estate near avissavella during 1996 ratwatta killed tamils and put their body in pohara bag and thrown in to pariliment lake.

  • 28 Apr 2006 06:25:28 GMT

    My point is we (tamils and singhalese) have degraded ourselves to a point there is no logic in what we do anymore. The main point i am trying to drive is, that SL over the last 50 years has become a sick society. It doesnt matter whether your tamil or singhalese. During the time of the JVP uprising we saw how people were burnt alive by the so called protectors of the state.

    This whole ethnic issue has degraded the country to the point where we have lost our core values to live as human beings and are becoming more barbaric.

    A government bombs its own civilans in response to a suicide bomber who thinks she is going to liberate her people by blowing herself up. Is this the best we singhalese and tamils can do ?. It doesnt matter who is at fault. It doesnt matter who started and who is going to end it. The fact is both races have degraded themselves to behave like animals and not as humans.

    What have we singhalese and tamils achieved after 50 years of so called independence. A struggle that started for higher education, more opportunities etc for both singhalese and tamils has ended up both trying to convince the world the other is more brutal than themselves. One has got to ask the question is it all worth it ?. Havent we both lost the plot ?. Havent both races lost fair and square to the point today they both make excuses to justify each ones act of war and not their struggle for a better life. If we have reduce our levels to that then we have no hope.

    Both leaders be it GOSL or LTTE have no vision for their people other than providing butchery & misery. They want to justify their action for War due to the failure of the other. In that case we will never have peace only war. You are not trying to justify for peace but are justifying your behavior for war.

  • 28 Apr 2006 09:12:59 GMT


    I do really apppreciate your views............

    But do you believe VP represents all the tamilians in Srilanka??? Whats the phobia he is suffering from, not to let any other tamil political parties to play their democratic wars in tamil dominated areas. why VP dsn`t wanna engage in democratic means to win his people(as he claims he is the supreme leader of tamil nation).

    Why the so called western democracies who are virtually deciding the path of, how world or Srilanka should behave, won`t force VP to give up violence and joined the ballot war??

    POLITICS...... whether its a root level or international level plays in a same tune, and that is for their own benefit.

    If Srilanka was a place like Kuwait,We will never ever faced this situation....on the other hand if Kuwait was a place like Srilanka.....can you guess who is the leader of Kuwiat today and whats it position (a soverign country or a province of another country!).

    I`ve been there for about 10 years and I know how the kuwaiti authorities are blatantly violating the basic human rights of their own people recognising as `Bedouns`. So where is US and other so called democracies questioning about those disgraceful discriminations.

    They will never do that `coz they do value the oil rich emirate`s friendship other than anything else, This is POLITICS. We are just pawns on the board.

    We have to play carefully in this game. Have to convince the world that VP is not a person to have any sort of dealings. We have to find a equation to prove VP = OBL .

    Once/if we can get rid of the meance of LTTE......



  • 28 Apr 2006 09:53:15 GMT


    [I can only speak on behalf of moderate Sinhalese]

    Then you wrote the following:

    [However, now we have come to a point where we realise unless LTTE is stopped by any means necessary]

    What makes you think that you are a moderate!

    Mister, you have no clue about modesty at all. You simply do not understand the ground realities. Throughout the history of the conflict, the Sinhala political elite concentrated only on gaining power, and whenever convenient, they used Tamil Bashing as a way of getting back into power. VP understands the Sinhala polity very well; he exploited this scenario to the maximum. He successfully, overcome all other Tamil liberation moments, and established them as the sole representative of the Tamils. The recent Local elections have shown that the LTTE proxy, TNA enjoyed the overwhelming support of the Tamils.

    Now, that said, if you try to destroy LTTE, in general the Tamil perceive that they are being targeted. In my view, the Sinhalese fail to see this perspective, as they are blinkered.

    Mister, a gun is pointed at GOSL, because they failed to listen to many passive Tamil voices for decades; they were cheated and treated like doormats. That is why the Tamils rebelled.

    A lasting peace will only be forthcoming if all parties reach consensus; this can only be achieved at a negotiating table. If you try to destroy LTTE or any other Tamil representation, you will not solve the underlying issues; you will only be imposing a solution. Basically, the Tamil Nationalism will re-surface. Please try and see as to how the Irish peace process was conducted.

  • 28 Apr 2006 10:11:39 GMT


    Our leaders have lost the plot.

    Masses are the victims.

    Right... we are a sick society hell bent on revenge and satisfaction. Moreover opportunists.

    Use the barrel language to reach decisions. Core values ? NIL.

    A struggle commenced for job placements in the gosl by an unemployed graduate`s union ( creator all ready dead)has torn the country apart. TULF politicians lost complete control of the members of the U/G/Union which was absorbed as their youth wing.

    Why ?

    Despite the GOSL investing in their education, these graduates had no vision to fend for themselves other than depending on GOSL.

    Is this the price which the country has to pay for providing higher education free of charge ?

  • 28 Apr 2006 13:33:22 GMT


    Are you saying all tamil between 10-60 support LTTE?

    Only thing I Know for sure is that all Tamils, who can think cleraly want ELAM.

  • 28 Apr 2006 14:34:46 GMT

    Athos & Eapolo


    I rest my case. See this is what i meant the extremist have taken us moderates so far apart that we believe one extremist should be crushed before the other can win.

    I am not a LTTE supporter but incidents like Binduweva, the shooting of 5 students in trinco and the bombing of trinco last week thats when i say `thank god there is LTTE`. Thats when you make every tamil say VP we are lucky we have you. Teach these bastards a lesson. You make every tamil`s blood boil and drive them to LTTE.

    You want the tamils to give up supporting LTTE well let me tell you its simple. The day the constitution changes in SL for a federal model LTTE is dead and buried. Infact you should not even negotiate with the LTTE. You should tell them take it or leave it we are only giving a federal model in US style or indian style whatever and nothing more. This is why LTTE was so much against the union of regions promised by chandrika. They killed Neelan and UNP saved them by oppossing it. She went ahead to change the constitution without negotiating with the LTTE. Virtually making them irrelevant. But they were very lucky. It was the greatest escape the LTTE had. The worst thing that can happen to the LTTE is if the SL govt changes the constitution without talking to the LTTE and gets the tamil public on their side. This is something the extremist can never understand.

    LTTE was created by the govt not by the tamil people. How many moderates from SJV to everyone begged at your feet for devolution. What did you do ?. You alientated the very people i and so many tamils respected as politicians. Now you have a monster to deal with. Let me tell you now this monster is bad. My fear is that we might one day have too many LTTE`s like afghanistan. Where you dont know who the hell to negotiate with. It will be every raj and his kingdom. Then you`ll have karuna with his faction, douglas with his, thamilselvam with his. When there is an attack now atleast we know its the LTTE later we wont know who it is.

    We wasted time not changing for the better long time ago when it was easier. Now we have to change MORE and with MORE difficulty cos the extremist on both sides have become very strong. How easy it would have been when we could have negotiated peace without JVP, JHU and LTTE when there was TULF, UNP and SLFP. Now we have biggots on both sides but not moderates to negotiate.

    You can only fight and beat the LTTE WITH the tamil population not by killing them via air raids. You cannot beat the LTTE with racist singhala biggots. Just like every tamil should realise we can only achieve freedom by making singhalese as friends not kill and butcher them. Tamils too cannot win their rights with the LTTE.

    But for every singhala extremist we need a tamil extremist. The tamils cannot speak cos the moderate tamil voice has lost the political equation. LTTE is right when it says negotiating with the south doesnt take you anywhere.