Suicide bombing: Lodge keeper arrested

  • 26 Apr 2006 20:46:12 GMT

    A woman cadre of the wanni tiger organization who is also a medical doctor and a resident in Jaffna was arrested yesterday (26th) by Maradana Police trying to enter Colombo National Hospital. When interrogated she had said her husband lived in a foreign country and she had come to get a letter.

    Security sections have been able to obtain information that one of her brothers had worked in a shop at Wellawatte and he had had direct links with tiger terrorists.

    Security sections suspect that the woman had come either to assassinate the Army Commander who is being treated in Intensive Care Unit of the hospital or to gather information for such an assassination.

  • 26 Apr 2006 20:48:54 GMT

    Worldwide Tamils:

    really rethink what you are supporting!

  • 26 Apr 2006 20:50:27 GMT

    Perhaps VP made her pregnant,giving birth to a suicide bomb?

    He will not achieve his Eelam,this is now sure.the governments here and their one time supporters now know what these liberators are up to.surly their days are numbered,let them commit more acts,perhaps the Katunayake? I will bet Bala will be boarded in HM`s boarding house,unless he escape to Norway.Go ahead do something more!

  • 26 Apr 2006 20:51:51 GMT

    This is a good lesson for all of us who rent apartments. Not just when renting apartments even if someone is your neighbor then you need to watch. If there is anything even if they look at you in a strange way, I just suggest to inform the police. They`ll know what to do.

  • 26 Apr 2006 20:52:06 GMT

    This is all the tamils are praising for;


    [ attack on the Commander of the Army was really a pregnant woman. The police team investigating the incident have got information that the woman had been participating for months in clinics held for pregnant women in Army Hospital.


  • 26 Apr 2006 21:09:23 GMT

    My Tamil friends from TN is is with me,here in London,are shocked and saddened by the recent events,specially this maniac using a pregnant person.we must not cry for any Tamil who glorify and support these horrible people,should these supporters die in those areas, if the war breaks out,as they are free to get out,when they could have.These are mean and horrible lot of people,can`t be described in the decent language,and it`s is no more a liberation struggle but a terrorist act,and it should be dealt until they are finished as one can`t talk anymore with them.The president must use his power and appoint Tamil leaders for their areas,and let them consult these President elected MPs and have their consultations with their folks in gsol areas near the uncontrolled areas until these fellows are routed.Talking to them is a waste of time.Life must go on.

  • 26 Apr 2006 21:11:41 GMT

    READ THIS - DAily News - US TO Lead Global Campaign against LTTE

    [ US to lead global campaign against Tigers

    WASHINGTON: The United States yesterday vowed to organise an international pressure campaign against the LTTE in the aftermath of Tuesday`s suicide bombing in Colombo.

    Assistant Secretary of State Richard Boucher said the State Department was in touch in Washington and abroad with other countries `to bring to bear whatever pressure we can on the Tigers to abandon this course of action` and to look for ways to support the Government of Sri Lanka.

    Boucher called the bombing, which targeted the Army Chief, a terrible terrorist attack and said it was `regrettable the Tigers decided to restart the war instead of restarting the peace process`.

    Boucher said the United States was not talking to the Tigers. However, he said, `we work with a lot of parties who have a lot of contacts with them`. The United States banned the LTTE nearly a decade ago.

    The US was one of the first countries to condemn Tuesday`s attack. `This is clearly an act of terror, which we condemn,` the State Department`s deputy spokesman Adam Ereli told reporters. `It is an unacceptable act of terror, a clear provocation and an escalation of violence.`

    Boucher and Ereli expressed the United States` sympathy to the victims.

    `The people of this country ought not to have to live for another 15 to 20 years with this reprehensible terrorist group keeping this country verged on the edge of war,` said US Undersecretary of State Nicholas Burns in January.

    The US has often called on the LTTE to give terrorism and all forms of violence in word and deed.

    Co-Chairs of the Sri Lankan Peace Process (United States, European Union, Japan and Norway) condemning the attempted assassination of Lt. General Sarath Fonseka, exhorted the LTTE to cease all suicide attacks and other forms of violence.

    The Co-Chairs summoned another emergency meeting yesterday to discuss the current situation in Sri Lanka and possibly their future course of action with regard to the peace process, diplomatic sources said.

    This was the second meeting the Colombo representatives of the Co-Chairs held within 30 hours of the brutal attack by the LTTE. They were expected to deliberate on appropriate steps to convince the two parties to stick to negotiations.


  • 26 Apr 2006 21:14:35 GMT

    Anu D

    [Perhaps, she used to have (began for this purpose) a relationship (?) with some SLA in that office.]

    oh please.......who wants to have thala thel PUS*Y ! she might probably have paid huge amounts of money and taken info from one of our money craving morons in the SLArmy ! Shame on them !

  • 26 Apr 2006 21:17:09 GMT


    having feast at home ? Invite the friends from next-door and organize a cocktail party ! you are a poor cre...

  • 26 Apr 2006 21:24:37 GMT


    You are a good man. Right now you are upset becuase of what LTTE is doing.

    Look they exploded a pregnant woman.

    What for `homeland`

    You die oneday, I die one day, then who cares about homeland, you or me.

    But, If we all live together, at least we live happily.