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Teenager raped and lodged in brothel
Friday, 21 April 2006 - 3:30 AM SL Time

Colombo Chief Magistrate Kusala Sarojini Weerawardhana yesterday (20) reprimanded a mother for not affording care to her daughter, a minor who was allegedly raped by several persons, prior to being lodged in a brothel.

Counsel for the victim applied for the release of the minor to the custody of her mother. The Chief Magistrate admonished the mother as she had left for employment abroad leaving the 15 year old daughter to fend for herself.

The Magistrate questioned the mother`s ability to provide maternal care for her daughter.

In this case, the Police Women and Child Care Bureau prosecuting informed Court that the minor`s father was a drunkard and her mother had left abroad for employment. The minor had fallen in love with a youth with whom she was living. The relationship had broken. Thereafter, the complainant continued to live with several suspects.

The offenders who raped the girl were arrested following the girl`s statement.

The case will be called on April 25.

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Senior Member

Joined: May 2005
Posts: 5467
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21 Apr 2006 23:23:05 GMT  Report for Abuse   
Please give the maximum penalty possible, in the name of humanity, to these dogs.

If I were there, I won't let them live happily.
Joined: Aug 2005
Posts: 12
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22 Apr 2006 10:13:27 GMT  Report for Abuse   
It is not a matter of punishing the suspects or the culprits. but the is he common situation in most of the families where mother has to leave the children in the care of father who is an alcoholic. the whole situation is much more complex than what it states. We need to ask the question why mother has to leave the children behind in the first place?
Senior Member

Joined: Aug 2005
Posts: 415
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22 Apr 2006 11:08:58 GMT  Report for Abuse   

You must understand why these young mothers go abroad for emploment by leaving their family to disintegrate. How can these poor families live when the cost of living is going through the roof. People like you enjoy wealth in foreign countries or that you inherited and urge the GoSL to spend on arms and defence. About 120,000 youths are paid just to terrorise a section of the population to satisfy the ego of the hardliners. When British left Ceylon/SL in 1948 we had hugh surplus of foreign currency. The misguided rulers imported foreign luxuries and plunge the country into debt. Then aliaenated hard working plantation workers by disenfranchising and expelling them. We are reaping the outcome of past idiotic policies.
Senior Member

Joined: Aug 2005
Posts: 890
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22 Apr 2006 11:10:01 GMT  Report for Abuse   
I need to second Sudar on this.

Before we accuse the mother who abandoned this young unfortunate girl so that she can leave the country to earn a livelyhood, we should ask ourselves whether we, as a society, fullfilled our responsibility.

Many woman has no choice but to work overseas as housemaids on very low salaries, leaving behind young children under the custody of an abusive father or relatives.

I know one of them who was very poor. She had to leave her seven days old son and three year old daughter with her aged parents to work in middle east as a housemaid. She had to leave because her husband wouldn't support her and he was very abusive. The whole family was near starvation, when she left.

She is not an exception, but there are many like her.

I just wish that how good this country will be if all these money, brain and resources spent on a meaningless and mindless civil war are diverted to the more deserving social causes.
Edited By - Maninder - 22 Apr 2006 11:17:04 GMT
Senior Member

Joined: Aug 2005
Posts: 890
Member Profile
22 Apr 2006 14:06:52 GMT  Report for Abuse   
The poor response to this news here shows how screwed up are the priorities of people in this forum and how far they are from Sri Lankan realities.

Shame on you people!
Senior Member

Joined: Nov 2005
Posts: 1065
Member Profile
22 Apr 2006 14:12:33 GMT  Report for Abuse   
Leave alone the people; the political leadership wants more and more women to become housemaids so that their mismanagement of the economy will not be exposed.

Mahinda mAmata 'jayaweva'

Senior Member

Joined: Aug 2005
Posts: 890
Member Profile
22 Apr 2006 14:22:54 GMT  Report for Abuse   

We just can't blame politicians and wash away our responsibilities.

Isn't it a telling insight that none of singalese and tamil warriors of this forumn, who always get excited about the glory of their culture and heritage, didn't find this news worth their attention?
Joined: Apr 2006
Posts: 559
Member Profile
22 Apr 2006 14:37:09 GMT  Report for Abuse   
Dear Friends,
We should bring capitol punishment for those sex and drug abusers in srilanka.
Senior Member

Joined: Mar 2005
Posts: 1531
Member Profile
22 Apr 2006 14:56:08 GMT  Report for Abuse   
Many of the members here don't even care when innocent people are killed and maimed, so how can you expect them to truly care about these incidents..

The growth of the economy and employment cannot come about in a nation at war, poverty and crime will prevail.. This is the fate of SL.
Senior Member

Joined: Aug 2005
Posts: 890
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22 Apr 2006 15:16:44 GMT  Report for Abuse   
Don't let other people take away your humanity. If you let it happen, that is the worst thing they have done to you.
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