Time Tigers realized their folly - DEW

  • 12 Apr 2006 22:47:46 GMT

    DEW ask your President Why he has rewarded the Chief of staff with a job as High Commission to Pakistan and removing a war hero,general Weerasooriya? Is this the way you treat wrong does,who is accused with an armament scandal,where he supposed to have bought a big estate?Tigers will never realize their folly,as they are rabid terrorist,who blew up their own friends,take part in acts of terrorism,while on their way to talk peace.

  • 13 Apr 2006 00:00:30 GMT

    In my country for economic problem political solusion.

    for political problem miltary solusion.

    We blame Tamil partys. then we blame JVP. Than LTTE. Then JVP JHu then UNP Then SLFP.

    We also need a sinhala Pirabagaran.

    Lot of Lankans in peace time go to jaffna visit vvt brought stone and sand from piraba house.

    we need bring his will to serve an fight for people!

  • 13 Apr 2006 00:45:21 GMT

    Dear LTTE sympathizers,

    Don`t take this bugger DEW seriously. He is nothing but a joker at it`s max. What he said may be true. But, remember, jokers too are entitled to speak some serious stuff occasionally.