Doctors says they are happy with new salary structure

  • 6 Apr 2006 14:43:15 GMT

    `I only hope that your `happiness` will `hold` for a reasonable period of time, in the interest of patients. `

    I have said this many many times and i will say this one more time. This Happyness will NOT last for long cos all the people involved in this salary revision are BRAIN DEAD - the doctors, trade unions, MR, JVP etc etc..

    There is no point in giving salary hikes unless you control government moneytary policy. You give salary increases right now, and six months later, these salary increase cause inflation and then. In no time the salary increase you just got is not enought, so they strike again...Its a vicious cycle and no one seems to have brain to realize this SIMPLE economic FUNDAMENTAL. These are things you learn in Basic economic classes.

    We all know MR and JVP are big talking baffoons. At least an educated group like the doctors should demand (and go on strike if necessary) to force the government to be responsible in its moneytary policy.

    YOu can fool the village idiots and some doctors all the time, but you can never ever fool the Fundamentals of economics.


  • 6 Apr 2006 23:21:23 GMT

    Yeh! Happy with salary structure; for how long is the question? :-)

    I wouldn`t be surprised if within 6 months these `strike happy` professionals are at their usual game taking Oliver Twist as an example; asking for more (and then striking for more)!