Wambotta vanquished

  • 3 Apr 2006 23:47:48 GMT

    Well done Sri Lanka Police,

    I hope this is another `achievement` of Mahinda Chinthana,

    Rather than arresting them, feeding in the Prison, and later releasing to the society, get rid of them. There is no use for the society with those anyway.

    Clean the garbage out is the best way instead of waste treatment and recycle.

  • 3 Apr 2006 23:58:13 GMT

    Hey Vini mate,

    When you remove one `Wambotta` there will be plenty of `Thibbottas` (Little batus) to appear.

  • 4 Apr 2006 01:12:20 GMT

    `Wambotta Vanquished` = Wambotta who was in a `van` has been `quished`! :-)

    SL indeed has lucrative soil for this type of `Vegetables` and may be even `fruits`. Just a matter of time till another surfaces!!

    Next time it might be a `Guslabba` or an `Aanamaaluwa` becoming `fruit pulp` in a van!!

  • 4 Apr 2006 01:52:20 GMT

    I am surprised why the government did not declare a day of mourning.

    Wamobbta was a close friend of our Motta Raala and has helped in many ways to bring this patriot to the office.

    Therefore, Wambotta is a true Sinhalese Buddhist patriot and he should be named as a national hero.

  • 4 Apr 2006 02:07:47 GMT

    Naleen - i thought this guy was the same man from the infomous Wambotta Gang. The Rajapaksha family is very closely connected to this gang.

    That southern provincial councilor - nick named Chandi Malli and MRs right hand man was the God father of this gang. THey did all of MRs dirty work...

  • 4 Apr 2006 03:18:57 GMT

    Paw aney ape mahinda maama andanawa athy...chandi mallith gya...aiyo dan wambottath gya....thawa kawuru yawida?

  • 4 Apr 2006 03:47:45 GMT


    You mean...`Thalana` Batu...(lol) right???

  • 4 Apr 2006 03:50:16 GMT

    [quote] Sabaraganmuwa DIG Neville Wijesinghe said that in December Wambotta had been arrested at Avissawella by the police while the gang leader was with his mistress. [unquote]

    The police officers in charge of this operation would probably had the chance of watching a live blue film!

  • 4 Apr 2006 03:58:33 GMT

    Very good. When police can not catch, Wambota, Kehel Avariya, Murunga karala, Pol ba moona etc, give the job to Hikanela, Vallipuwa, Uru Meeya, Kankota, Ballige Putha and etc.

  • 4 Apr 2006 06:11:15 GMT

    Ra badumakata gena Wambottak dekata kadaa

    Ahasata visikeruwa mam

    Ra kala ahasa balana obata penewi

    Hithan epa pa*ya kiya oba rawatevi!