Aco Developers to build tallest building in Lanka

  • 3 Apr 2006 01:35:21 GMT

    With a few more levels added to this building SL would have the World`s tallest building!

    Praetorian, you do not seem to realise that the only thing the country lacks now is luxury apartments. The country is so prosperous. People are filthy rich. Even the Farmers in Weerawila want an int. AirPort for convinience when it comes to their foreign travel and also to park their private helicopters,cessnas and Learjets. They may also need these apartments to house their children to attend the Int. schools in colombo. So see the country is crying out for luxury apartments. :-)

  • 3 Apr 2006 04:35:31 GMT


    I agree with your comments. But you would surprised as to how many people in Colombo and expats can afford these types of Luxuries. Inside information says that, quite a few of the Luxury apartments which are going to be built by Ceylinco along with the Hyatt hotel have been already purchased. And these apartments have a pre-construction value of Rs 50 million and they expect it increase by a couple of million more after construction. But MR`s idea for a international airport in weerawila might have been the most stupidest thing I have heard so far.

  • 3 Apr 2006 05:45:00 GMT

    Mageychintana, today in Colombo the people who are filthy rich are either earning it through nefarious activity or are tax dodgers. So they have money to throw. There are also the people who prefer to stay in high rise luxury apartments which are glorified flats. These people sell their houses with gardens worth about the same amount in places like Battaramulla etc etc and buy these aprtments due to the pure sake of convinience. Then there are also the corporate buyers like garment factories who need regular accomodation for their buyers. So typically in SL it`s a case of `Kolombata kiri Gamata Kekiri!!`