Bishops seek meeting with LTTE chief on Hoole

  • 23 Mar 2006 04:54:31 GMT

    Now our friend Waruna is in big trouble.

    Waruna has always maintained, Prof. Hoole is a ?good? Christian, in spite of the close relationships latter has with church.

    Now the `bad` Christians, according to Waruna, come to defend the `good` Christian.

    Does this mean there is an understanding between `good` Christians and `bad` Christians?

    Only Waruna can tell!

  • 23 Mar 2006 10:53:57 GMT

    Anantha dont talk rubbish, it is otherway around, Mahinda see a opotunity Prof hoole family was anti LTTE by sending a internationally known man to jaffna and killed him easily put the balme on Tigers and as always use as a oil to their propaganda machine.

    that could be one reson LTTE resisiting proff hoole.

  • 23 Mar 2006 11:25:07 GMT


    You have not answered my question. You just repeated what I said.

    Let me ask again.

    1. If these are `bad` priests, why do they support the `good` Christian Prof. Hoole?

    2. If they are `bad` priests why the `good` Christian Hoole does not reject their support?

  • 23 Mar 2006 13:41:45 GMT

    People are fabricating conspiracy theories about Prof. Hoole`s death while the good professor is alive. Sadly, none of these Pandits have one tenth of his brain.

    As I see, he is a scholar without any political affiliation. Someone please tell me why LTTE is opposed to him being the VC. I have seen worst VC`s in the south in the past. I can even name some. Do you recall Dr. Stanley Kalpage? He was the head of the university grants commission. Phew!


  • 23 Mar 2006 13:45:23 GMT


    His brother runs the UTHR J branch which is most likely connected with the Govt as i have seen CBK quote it on several occasions. It is mostly anti LTTE which pretty much equates it to anti-tamil. havent heard from them in a while though.

  • 23 Mar 2006 14:09:38 GMT


    `anti LTTE which pretty much equates it to anti-tamil`

    Can you tell me how a person can become anti-tamil just because they don`t agree with LTTE policies ?

    Sri lankan people are not anti-Tamil but anti-LTTE (for obvious reasons). To be anti-LTTE is not being anti-Tamil.

  • 23 Mar 2006 16:52:30 GMT

    Expatpuli; i don`t think thats a good example whatever you are trying to say.

    How can you even compare being anti-semitic to something like being anti-LTTE.

    Being anti-LTTE has nothing to do with Tamils or tamil race.

  • 23 Mar 2006 16:56:39 GMT

    Most of the tamils identify with the tigers. infact when a new colleague is introduced and he becomes aware i was born in lanka one of the first Q is are you a tiger. what they meant to ask was are you a TAMIL. happend to me on many occasions!

  • 23 Mar 2006 23:34:34 GMT

    If it is the ordinary public of Jaffna who oppose Prof. Hoole`s appointment, what is the point of discussing this with the Butcher.


  • 24 Mar 2006 02:57:50 GMT

    Naleen, have you forgotten that Waruna never answers questions? :-)