Why quarrel over words? - Geneva talks have benefited all parties to conflict - President

  • 16 Mar 2006 20:12:36 GMT

    AT least some one`s buttons were pushed by that.

  • 16 Mar 2006 20:17:27 GMT

    And one of the people who enjoys MRs PUNNAKU, the most is the first to take a swipe at me!!! :) :) :) I guess he doesnt like me pointing out the PUNAKKU FEAST they are indulging in....

  • 16 Mar 2006 20:19:39 GMT

    As the executive president of the country, Mahinda Rajapakse should tell us whether it is amended or not. Then the people will stop quarrel over words.

  • 16 Mar 2006 20:20:13 GMT

    A hearty meal and a hearty laugh is what we can have.

    Some have to keep eating the Punakku as Anizam said.

    As I said before , Mahinda will preside over what Tamils want to achieve.

    Mahendran Percy anna you are the MAN. give more and more punakku to these gullibles.


  • 16 Mar 2006 20:28:04 GMT

    `As the executive president of the country, Mahinda Rajapakse should tell us whether it is amended or not. Then the people will stop quarrel over words.`

    NAHHHHH!! That would be wayyyyyy Toooo much of a Rational thing to do. That would confuse the HELL OUT of MR/JVP supporters... and why have all that confusion...

    PUNAKKU is much better :) :)

    Hope all is well with you Radaw, my friend...:) :)

  • 16 Mar 2006 20:36:53 GMT


    This like a village head trying to solve a neighbourly dispute.

    PS: Anizam, Been a Bit Busy. Don`t have much time to write at the moment.

  • 16 Mar 2006 21:11:08 GMT

    When the President says that the JVP as a political party had the `right` to express itself - it makes one wonder whether the President says so because he is ignorant of the ways of democracy or whether he is recognizing openly that JVP is the government.

    At the physical level the system of democracy recognizes only two sides. At ONE level there can be only two sides. That is the law of Nature and is pretty obvious. Apply that law to our system of democracy one requires two sides at EQUAL level to express the same issue - one must express the benefits and the other the costs.

    Norway is on the side of the Tigers. JVP is on the side of the Government. Neither Norway nor the JVP has a voice of their own. Whatever the internal situation may be - the leader - in this instance the President and his official representatives are the only ones with the authority to express themselves at the National level through their Official positions. Privately and socially they may express independent views - but for those in governance private and public must become one - for there to be internal harmony.

    Gaja Lakshmi Paramasivam from Australia

  • 16 Mar 2006 21:21:42 GMT

    The most effective and constant deceivers of the Singhalese are not VP, LTTE, the Pope (didn`t want to leave him out, in case) or anyone else, but their own leaders.

    The reason, in all probability the LTTE will end up with a separate state. All the cheating, lying, deceiving on their behalf is done by our own leaders. Half accept it if it`s our man the other half accepts it if it`s their man. And VP has to just sit there long enough. Good luck to him; what else can one say?

  • 16 Mar 2006 21:40:39 GMT

    Well said HelloGoodbye. Enjoed that piece very much.

    VP and the Tigers need patience to sit out and observe the Sinhalese defeat themselves. If they don`t then the Tamils must have the patience to sit out and observe VP and the Tigers defeat themselves.



  • 16 Mar 2006 21:46:40 GMT

    Some folks think and act, as if GOSL is having talks with another country, who has threatened to invade us an occupy the whole country.

    President knows what he is doing. The best thing to do now is to support the president. Surely he does not care for insults. He`ll be around until the next round of elections.

    and certainly cannot please everyone.

    No one should fear LTTE`s threats. The proud SLA should be ready and sharpen the swords to get the rat from the tail this time if the LTTE butchers make that fatal mistake of drawing the gun to settle issues.

    If they have an ounce of grey matter, all they got to do now is to declare that they are coming out to open and ready to contest elections, along with others interested in leading the Tamil speaking people.

    If LTTE get the power through the ballot let`s live with it.