Disarming paramilitary groups difficult task: SLMM

  • 15 Mar 2006 22:32:31 GMT

    IF they pull out of the talks, GOSL should defeat them in war. That will be the end.

    Should hand over Mullativu to China for a petroluem tank farm or USA for the same thing and in turn they will provide arm shipments.

  • 15 Mar 2006 22:44:43 GMT

    Kural is right we all know its not easy but the gosl gave there word in front of the whole world.now they have to keep it. if not they have lied to the Tamil people again.then ltte is right not to go for talks. how can we believe the gosl?

  • 15 Mar 2006 22:50:26 GMT

    If some one has been to the east they know that very 500 to 1000 meters there is a check point , what i wounder is how did this famous white van with ltte armed take these 2 kids and pass all these check points with out getting caught? or was it my buddy karuna. we got to think before we decide. don`t we?

  • 15 Mar 2006 22:55:45 GMT

    If UN should have imposed a economic sanction against GOSL, wouldn`t have gone this long to solve the Tamils problem in Srilanka .

    At least now UN must do it as soon as possible for the benefit of the people living in Srilanka.

  • 15 Mar 2006 22:59:23 GMT

    These tiger butchers are real champions for asking the `impossibles`.

    They know very well that it is NOT POSSIBLE to disarm other paramilitary groups before the next round of `TALKS`, if anybody can use my word `TALKS` for what happened in Geneva last month!!

    One can ask a `SILLY` question: why only disarm the Karuna faction? Is it because he is against the vanni sun dog?

    Vanni sun dog`s ruthless terrorist outfit is UNLAWFUL, within a free and a democratic, sovereign state.

    Nobody is asking the GOSL to disarm the VP murderers, specially the Karuna faction.

    Prabhakaran is pissing in his pants when he thinks what he can get from Karuna if a conflict starts. That is the MAIN REASON why the terrorist butcher leader alias VP is crying for the disarming of paramilitary groups!!

  • 15 Mar 2006 22:59:32 GMT


    Did you see the `Tamil Elam Gas Station` posted elsewhere?

    Can you imagine the situation if UN impose the economic sanction on Sri Lanka.

  • 15 Mar 2006 23:03:40 GMT


    Can you please point me what GOSL doing presently for the nation?

    Please dont give PUNNAKKU that JVP well stocked.

  • 15 Mar 2006 23:15:11 GMT

    Ok Thambi:

    GOSL was able to pressure LTTE through the international community to halt the violence. Likewise, LTTE was able to pressure the government to disarm paramilitaries. GOSL is trying, but even SLMM know how challenging it is.

    Bringing peace to the nation is commendable. However, brining peaceful life to every citizen is challenging after 25 years clash.

    Secondly, government going to build a coal power station. That is another achievement. Don`t you think?

  • 15 Mar 2006 23:28:08 GMT

    Hi Thambi,

    You talk a lot about PUNNAKU eh?

    Have you ever tried the stuff? I think JVP has an agreement with tigers..supplying it to Tamil people through LTTE. Devolution of PUNNAKU



  • 15 Mar 2006 23:30:42 GMT


    Paramilitary issue would have been solved if GOSL stopped funding.

    No development can get underway in srilanka because of instability.

    If UN did impose a sanction against GOSL , then whole nation will be balanced the difficulties presently forced on Tamils in North and East.

    Have you been to Srilanak parliament ? Please visit to find out what GOSL .

    They are really animals.