Do as we bid or we depart: Jathika Hela Urumaya

  • 7 Mar 2006 11:01:54 GMT

    Mahinda already hinted

    Hello JVP and JVP you both are not welcome to have lunch. JVP and JHu are still complaining about bendy spoon. when do they going to get it??

    or what part do they not understand???

    The Sri Lanka government delegation agreed in Geneva to permit only the government security forces to carry arms or conduct armed operations. If the Rajapakse government is sincerely committed to carrying out its pledges one of three things could happen: (1) Karuna will remain defiant of becoming identified as an appendage of the state and be stripped of his arms by force, (2) accept his subservient status and be disarmed willingly. Both operations would have to be overseen by the SLMM. (3) Karuna is absorbed into the Sri Lanka security forces? military structure and submits himself and his loyalists to the political control of the Sri Lankan state.

    But if any of these three options is realised, Karuna cannot present himself as an independent leader who is worthy of the allegiance of the eastern Tamils. He will come to be seen as an impostor and a fraud who like many other eastern Tamil leaders before him, is a puppet controlled by Colombo. In other words, Karuna will be shown up as a paper Tiger.

    Even if Karuna says that he is voluntarily submitting to the request of the Sri Lankan state and agreeing to disarm (and not be seen as having the decision ?imposed? by the LTTE of which he appears particularly sensitive) no one will believe him.

    In the final analysis, the mystique that has surrounded the LTTE and its leadership has been its steadfast refusal to submit to the dictates of the Sri Lankan state or to become a junior partner in any endeavour whatsoever. All what the LTTE has done so far on these lines has been for tactical reasons and nothing more.

    Karuna positioned himself in a way so as to present the same image. But the humiliation of having to be physically disarmed would be a huge dent on the aura he has constructed. This might not mean that he will disappear from eastern Tamil politics altogether, but he will never command the same respect in the eyes of his supporters. At the most he will be another Douglas Devananda ? a ruffian in politics who has sing for his supper by working with the security forces. This would give the LTTE a wonderful opportunity to reassert itself in the east politically.

    The other possibility of course is that Rajapakse is deceptive and Karuna (as well as the other paramilitary groups) are not completely disarmed.

    Though the disarmament process is to be overseen by the SLMM, the question is whether the SLMM could be trusted by the Tamils. We should not forget that the monitoring mission has been singularly reluctant to state openly that Karuna operates from government-controlled areas and a nexus exists between his loyalists and the security forces. It took almost two years of constant complaints by the Tigers for the SLMM to come up with a report confirming Karuna did operate from government-controlled areas in the east, a fact which a child living in Welikanda would have readily acknowledged.

    Only last week, on the eve of his departure after being relieved of his duties as head of the SLMM, did Hagrup Haukland put the record straight when senior security forces personnel denied armed paramilitary groups operated in the east, ?There is no doubt that such groups do exist. The army should be truthful about this issue.? Such forthright statements earlier might not have endeared Haukland with the Sri Lankan security forces but put on record long ago a matter that the government came to accept in Geneva.

    On the other hand, even if the monitors want to do a genuine job would they have the required wherewithal to verify whether the tasks of disarming have actually been accomplished. Wherever decommissioning of weapons becomes a sticky issue, including Northern Ireland and Kosovo verification has been a must.

    If Rajapakse wants to be untruthful about disarming Karuna it could either be a result of deliberate defiance, in which case he would be intentionally violating the agreement reached in Geneva and justifying the LTTE withdrawing from the CFA. On the other hand, Karuna could refuse to disarm leading Rajapakse to resort to deceit to cover up the fact that he is a weak, ineffectual head of state unable to impose political control on those who bears arms within the geographical area supposedly under the control of the Sri Lankan state. If it is the latter it will bring Sri Lanka one step closer to being labelled by that derogatory epithet: ?a failed state.?

  • 7 Mar 2006 16:54:03 GMT

    As usual, LTTE donkey/keyboard tigers, complain and cry fowl about THAT LITTLE MOUSE KARUNA is getting in the skin of the MIGHTY ELELPHANT LTTE.

    They need the support of the SINHALA ENEMY AND THEIR GOVT. DISARM Karuna.

  • 7 Mar 2006 18:47:00 GMT

    Anybody understand ` Leverage` or `Torque power` ???


  • 7 Mar 2006 21:03:01 GMT

    If JHU are genuine Buddha followers, they would take to the streets and beg in humility rather than protest in arrogance

    Gaja Lakshmi Paramasivam from Australia