Norwegian police ignore LTTE atrocities - Sivaraja

  • 26 Feb 2006 15:23:43 GMT

    Please contribute to our cause as you have done over last 2-3 decades.

    But just before contributing PLEASE PLEASE look at our accounts to show how we have spent your hard earned money.

    With out your money we simply could not have done this

    -Our actions have led to the death of 35000 tamils

    -Out of these most tamil deaths are done by us for the benefit of tamil freedom

    -We even have killed our caders ( 600 of Mahattaya caders in 1999)

    -We abduct tamil children from the arms of parents and get them killed on the alter of self deternination. 6000 innocent children have perished and double that number permenently scarred /amputated making their life useless.

    -We destroy the education of tamil children and kill principals

    We think that hindu priest do not know how to teach good things in life and we have killed several recently.

    -Because we love our freedom we take every tamil freedom away from the tamils and reduce them to puppets

    -WE make every tamil live in fear and shiver when they see us.( in sri lanka and abroad)

    -We don`t like tamils smiling finding jobs and prospering economically. That is why we prevented them voting for freedom during last elections

    -We chop the hands off tamil voters meaning that they don`t deserve even animal rights

    -We have taken every human right away from the tamils. No fredom of movement/opposition/ expression

    -We tax, threaten, ransack every thing people have for our ever lasting dream

    -We cry for tamil freedom all over the world and do the exact opposit in our areas making life a living hell.

    -We want to retain our iron grip on all tamils and certainly want to keep our position as the most ruthless terrorist organisation in the world.

    -We collect money for tamil rehabilitation and spend on the war to get tamils killed.( as per British Charity commission)

    -We may decide to go back to war toget many more thousands of tamils killed though we know during peace tamils gained much much more to make life better

    -Our actions have made sure that tamil areas are permenently deprived when rest of the world is surging ahead economically.

    We have no doubt that you are extreamly pleased how we have spent your money so far !


  • 27 Feb 2006 11:46:26 GMT

    There is nothing say or write at this time.One thing is Crystal clear.One day LTTE Will be destroyed by the Tamils in Jaffna

  • 27 Feb 2006 14:43:16 GMT

    Ramraj a criminal who ran TBC radio had lots of singhala fans.

    and i take this opotunity for his fans to see his criminal records.

    This Ramraj was there in swiss to protest the prace talks,

    he was a criminla who received large amount of money from srilanka and had invitation from mahinda rajapakshe to visit him for dinner.

    now eating dinner with some inmates in swiss jail.

    An anti-peace talks protest held in Geneva was disrupted and the chief organiser was arrested by the Swiss police for several criminal offences, including that of being in the country `illegally`. Virajah Ramaraj, (ENDLF Office, 131 Pinner Road, Harrow, HA1 4EU UK) a former member of the PLOTE the current head of international operations for the ENDLF paramilitary group was arrested outside the United Nations offices in Geneva on Wednesday, 22 February 2006. The ENDLF operates under the Karuna banner and has carried out several attacks against civilians in eastern Sri Lanka. Sources from Geneva reported that as only a handful of paramilitary supporters and sympathisers had took part in the `sideshow`, frustrated organisers resorted to ranting filth in order to get attention. They seem to have received their due from the Swiss police who were on high alert.

    `The police officers had initially approached Ramaraj to apprehend him for anti-social behaviour,` sources added. Only then did the police officers become aware that Ramaraj was in the country illegally.

    Ramaraj who did not have the legal documents to be in Switzerland had made his way to the city via Germany with the help of his contacts. Police officers were astonished when they learned from their computer records, that Ramaraj had in fact been on their most wanted list for several years.

    A number of the offences for which the police had been searching for him date back to the days when he was a resident in Switzerland. `Back then he was a notorious criminal and was known as drug dealer Mustapha,` said a Swiss Tamil who was delighted with the news of the arrest.

    Ramaraj who was active with several Eastern European underworld gangs was being investigated for drug trafficking, people smuggling and credit card fraud amongst a whole host of other criminal offences, when he decided to flee to the United Kingdom and file for refugee status.

    `Together for drunk and disorderly behaviour, being in the country illegally and his past crimes, Ramaraj may be expecting to serve a lengthy prison sentence,` said a Swiss legal expert. Meanwhile the Tamil community was visibly delighted with the arrest. `Perhaps the most notorious Tamil criminal in Europe has been locked up for good,` said a Tamil businessman from the UK.

    Truth about TBC breakdown Startling revelations are surfacing in the `breaks in` news of the TBC radio. We, a group of failed asylum seekers are living in the UK with fear of arrest and deportation to Sri Lanka at any time. Mr.Ramraj assured us to obtain visas illegally using his association with the MP for Harrow , and the Councillor, Harrow . In fear of returning to Sri Lanka, three of us barrowed from friends and paid him `A35000 each in order to get the visa. However he could not help us in regularising our status as mentioned. Therefore we asked him to refund the money. He started to threaten us to inform the Enforcement officials of the UK Immigration Service about our status in this country. He further said that we were from the LTTE and will inform to the UK Police that we were threatening him.

    Despite this threat, we continued to pressurise him to get the money back. Then recently he asked us to wait in the midnight of 22nd of May 2005 in front of Domino Pizza, in Rayners Lane area. When we went there, he asked us to follow him. We went near a parked car (Metallic Green, R4 JRT) in the Warden Avenue. Then he gave us electronic equipments of possibly radio station and said that get your money from selling those equipments. The Other day we heard the news that the TBC Radio Station was broken in. Later we got to know that he made a complaint at the Harrow Police Station that the LTTE suspects broke in his radio station. In another interesting thing that the same Mr.Ramraj, one day had given money to one of another friends of us to buy a pay as you go sim card. Then Mr.Ramraj asked him to call to his Radio Station as well as to his mobile number using a phone with the same sim card frequently. Our friend was not aware as to why Mr.Ramraj asked him to do so. Now we understand that the purpose of this is to manipulate and complain to the Police about the LTTE threat and to claim insurance falsely. In the recent news in his, , the same phone number has been mentioned in relation to the `LTTE threat story`.

    We also learnt that he had a history of cheating the Insurance companies in the year of 2001 and 2003 respectively. If the UK Immigration Service and the Police can give us guarantee not to remove from the UK, we are happy to assist the Police or the relevant officials in this regard. Please public this in your newspaper.

  • 27 Feb 2006 14:46:38 GMT

    Jeyathevan who is another thief who escaped from Tigers before the judgement now teamed up with ramraj.

    his criminal records also likely to comeout.

  • 28 Feb 2006 09:02:10 GMT

    Tamils who fled Sri Lanka as refugees have the international DUTY to leave behind their detailed past. Those who sought to go back to Sri Lanka continued to live mentally in Sri Lanka. They therefore do not deserve special protection from the countries that have embraced them.

    Retaining our cultural identity is important. But this must not happen by acting in breach of the laws of the country we are residing in. Tamils who contribute to Common Values of the countries that have given them refuge would certainly have a good future. It is important for us to carry the essence of our experiences. When Truth is realised that stays with us forever. A genuine refugee would not have become a victim in another country - especially one that has given refuge.

    I cannot understand how Sivaraja can provide Human Rights services at the physical level - in Norway for the breaches in Sri Lanka. It does not add up.

    Monies are collected in Australia but to my knowledge - never forced. I have openly criticized the Tigers but they have always been respectful of me and have taken advice from me.

    Sivaraja must have invoked the trouble. Hence the Police inaction and the media action. It seems not a law and order problem but a publicity stunt.

    Gaja Lakshmi Paramasivam from Australia