Prisoner release: JHU takes swipe at swap

  • 21 Feb 2006 16:34:20 GMT

    I have always suggested that this monks should be sent to northeast for buiding works.after the tsunami these wastelives should be used to build the country.

    this wastelife morons called them monks and savior of the country infact distroying the country.

    i have allways said if you want peace community relations should be maintained if iam the president of this countryi will make this legistlation

    these monks are burden to countrys economy. they dont work they just sat there and make racisit comments and so on.

    if they can join in politics why cant they clean a office or work in a shop??

    after tsunami thise wastelifes should be sent to rebuild the houses as we are facing labour shortages.

  • 21 Feb 2006 20:07:52 GMT

    With these idiots calling themselves monks....Budhism must be in very bad state down there..they just forgot what lord buddha said.. `nehi verena verani`

  • 22 Feb 2006 03:47:43 GMT

    Most buddhist monks are handed over to the `Saasana` as children by their parents because the particular child is considered to be an `Apala` (akin to a curse) to the family. So the family saves their skin by handing over the burden to the temple for ordination. Some of these `Apala` children then reach adult-hood as monks, take to politics some by becoming members of the JHU and then become an `Apala` to the entire Nation. Their parents got rid of them by palming them off to the temple but to whom can the Nation palm off these `Apala` cases now?

  • 22 Feb 2006 04:11:43 GMT

    There are two things we have to know, one by swaping Prisoners, both are saving the invaluable life of some human. The other one is, if a LTTE caught by the govt. he is been treated in the Chambers. If a Civilian or a Policeman caught by the LTTE (if they are alive) they are treated well. Save the human life, let these Front line monks learn more about Budhism and the teaching of Lord Budha before receiving their Saffron costume.

  • 22 Feb 2006 04:31:08 GMT

    Are these JHU members Buddhist monks or Saffron clad thugs?

  • 22 Feb 2006 05:35:19 GMT

    Lula, what ever they are some of them are a bloody curse to the country now!

  • 22 Feb 2006 05:45:56 GMT

    The GOSL releaseD four LTTE carders who were arrested whilst video filming the Trinco Naval base. If LTTE wants to do it again they will do it some how. If GOSL had convicted them other than what they were doing for , for instance to a particular political murder or bombing incident then it is wrong to release them.

    One Sinhalese policeman worth to us Sinhalese not four LTTE carders but more. So exchange of one of our policemen for these LTTE carders as held by LTTE, AS HOSTAGES is prudent.

    Unlike the Singhalese policemen and the soldiers of armed forces ,Those LTTE carders are being used to be sacrificed ruthlessly , because they are considered as dispensable(the suicide bombers and the waves of Child soldiers sent first to get killed first, when surprised attacks are launched against GOSL MILITARY CAMPS) according to the Schizophrenic Prabhakaran the leader of LTTE worshiped by the hypocritical Tamil Diaspora as the Sun GOD. The Tamil Diaspora do not care what happens to these poor Tamil carder including Child soldiers but as long as they think that attacking Sinhalese Interests including the GOSL Soldiers and Tamil Intellectuals opposing Prabhakaran`s madness is the way to justify the discrimination happened to Tamils , and they can carve a piece of Sri Lanka for a Tamil Elam.

    We know that LTTE can not be trusted because it is not the virtues of mankind what determines the principles of LTTE but the psychopathy of a Schizophrenic mind of it`s leader. A good example is the killing of 600 Singhalese policemen surrendered to LTTE without firing a single shot because of the lousy and pretentious understanding between the then President of Sri Lanka R.Premadasa and the Uremic Balasingham the stinky mouth piece of the Schizophrenic leader of LTTE. The Tamil Diaspora who are against Karuna would now say it was him who killed 600 prisoners of war cold blooded but it will be pretty absurd that if Karuna did not consult his leader to execute such a massacre.

    The JHU hypocrites should also understand that we do not gain anything by allowing these Terrorists to keep a good policeman who was trying to do his job under their custody convicted by the Kangaroo courts of LTTE who do not have any international recognition .

  • 22 Feb 2006 13:09:59 GMT


    What about sending these lifelong idle wastrels to the Vanni where they will be put to good use, by the LTTE, in the arid fields?

    A few hours every day working in the burning heat in the open will show them how the majority of the people of Sri Lanka have to struggle to survive when these idle beggars lead a life of not having to work for anything.

    It is their idle minds, not having to work and the status afforded to buddhist priestdom that has made them get involved in politics and the affairs of the State and also other nefarious activities.

    How the buddhist society at large could allow these `Buddhist` monks to involve themselves in such activities is beyond belief.

  • 23 Feb 2006 00:20:50 GMT

    Piranha, the problem is the saffron robe. The buddhists pay venerance to the robe and not to the individual. So that means even if VP becomes a buddhist and is ordained a monk and adorns a saffron robe there will be people worshipping him! So basically these so called `monks` who are causing problems are actually criminals in the Buddha`s attire and the robe is the shield protecting the otherwise criminal individual.

  • 23 Feb 2006 00:49:37 GMT

    An appreciable move by JHU, despite they could be easily branded as Inhumane by amateurs to politics. They are not playing for the gallery. What government should do is not to go for the easy options like prisoner swaps, but to pressure them to release those policemen unconditionally. If they fail, then government should let know the so called international community about the acts of their `mates`.