I will rebuild the UNP - SB

  • 18 Feb 2006 07:30:58 GMT

    I supposed he can with the other jail birds?

    What difference will it make?

    UNP is no more a threat to Sri Lanka - I hope

  • 18 Feb 2006 07:50:29 GMT

    All parties are the same...including ltte...

    bloody idiots...they will all run us down to the ground...

    if not for these so called `representatives of the people` we won`t be in this mess...

    they use whatever means to acheive `their` goals... common man is suffering and getting killed etc.. no one cares...

    as long aas one race is supeior to the other we`re happy...dumb logic....

    look at this forum...when there`s cricket all are united...

    when there`s female pictures on this web...we`re again united and having fun...

    but when there`s politics...the heat is on...

    all those leaders including vp will have a good life compared to real people who are suffering to keep their flag flying...

    how sad...

    just came off playing a cricket match with a bunch of tamils from dehiwala... absolutely amazing that apparently there`s a whole `ethnic` war happening in this country!

    all thanks to the morons who `lead` people

  • 18 Feb 2006 09:01:30 GMT

    Poor Ranil will have another headache now as SB is looking for upper place in UNP

  • 18 Feb 2006 09:03:26 GMT

    SB is not that bad as many other politicians. Only bad thing he did was messing aroung with Susanthika. That was his destruction.

    I think he can do a lot of things for the country, as a leader he is much better than Ranil.

    Arjuna Ranatunga once said that when Murali was called No-ball in Australia, SB asked the SL team to comeback. SB is a leader that subordinates can depend on. He is a leader who can take a decision.

    SB is not a coward, he never trys to beg when he is helpless, he stands on what he does, he is a ruthless and determined man. Sri lanka needs calibre of people like him.

  • 18 Feb 2006 12:31:10 GMT


    I am ok with your intention to stay in UNP.

    good luck !!

    but please keep micro ambition to come to SLFP or JVP.

  • 18 Feb 2006 13:09:17 GMT

    SB sure to have rehabilitated by now to be careful in the use of words in day to day life. Its important someone learns how to communicate properly rather by hook or by crook to get things done.

  • 18 Feb 2006 14:41:32 GMT

    Who believe???

    He will join the government as the minister of justice and law reform and rebuild the judiciary system.

    Good for him and others !!

  • 18 Feb 2006 16:55:11 GMT

    Now, I haven`t read this article but the title sounds derogatory of the party leader. He must be held in contempt of the leadership of the UNP and be left out of the party for two years.

  • 18 Feb 2006 16:57:21 GMT

    Hallo S.B,

    don`t worry to rebuilt UNP.you have lot to do with your children.go and teach them how to behave in public.

  • 18 Feb 2006 17:12:55 GMT

    Yes sir, we all know you have a very good record with buildings. But by saying that you want to `rebuild` the UNP aren`t you saying that the UNP is now in a sorry state which means, you are accusing your leader RW of having allowed the party to drift to the present state?

    Don`t worry, RW has both a thick head and a thick skin. If the seriousness of what you said gets through his thick head, he has the thick skin not to notice it.