Save the cattle from slaughter

  • 14 Feb 2006 22:54:39 GMT


    I think the method that you have noticed in SL the method of Halal meat production. I am sure halal meat produced in Western countries use the same procedure. I too think prolonged suffering of this animal in culling process should be avoided.

    I have regularly seen this method in North Africa. There its worse. Its done at the entrance of the house. Once I was infected with animal variant of scabies eating this meat in a North African friends house.

  • 15 Feb 2006 00:21:34 GMT


    You are exactly right. This is the most inhumane method that animals suffer very much so. As you may aware these animals have their CNS (central Nervous system) still working while the these guys slit the poor animal and let the blood gush out. This supposed to be one of the most grotesque methods of killing animals. We all know CNS mean we all feel the pain immensely and we cannot accept these barbaric methods. I know in UK there was a bill on trying to ban the Muslim way of killing animals as it creats more pain to the animal for long time rather the the electric bolt method. But the muslims created mayhem for calling it religious and it went quiet since then. I feel if humans eat meat there has to be some sort of humane killing rather than this barbaric 17th century killing.

    We live in 21st century and we have come so far in the science and technology and we should think about welfare for animals too together with humans so why we cannot take some humane way of killing animals.

    I think you are quite right about North African countries which are predominantly muslim countries therefore follow the muslim way of killing which is inhumane let alone religious scenarios we need to think about the poor animals suffering. I have seen similar killings in the middle-east like you said its pretty appalling and I just cannot stand a chance. I think we have to grow up from these inhuman way. We need to have better methods of culling these poor animals if we want to eat meat (by the way I`m a vegetarian having seen those barbaric killing I have given up eating meat for some 10 years now).

    I have seen in Dematagoda where these poor cattle were waiting to be killed and the agony is so immense. I am sure if we adopt a better way of killing that can be at least justified for the meat eaters of SL.

  • 15 Feb 2006 01:22:26 GMT


    I have this dought for almost fifteen years. My long time dought is that gelatin is widely used in food to medicine in Middle east.

    Do you know if they make halal gelatin specially for Middle east market?

    While I am typing this message, I get ideas to find out. I think I should call few Gelatin Capsule manufactures and ask. I will let you know what I find if you already did not know.

  • 15 Feb 2006 01:46:23 GMT


    Many thanks for you info. In fact in the UK certain patients of hospitals of ethnic minority namely muslims and Jews insist on Halal (for muslims) and Kosha (for jews) meat. I mean what can one expect? These patients some are about to die in their beds you know and still fuss about the way the meat is prepared. I think these kind of extremism is bit like the terrorism we have and in fact I feel terrorism and fundamentalism both are due to bad religious teachings. You can see when you go to middle east countries that you cannot see an alcohol bottle, but those people when they come to western countries start drinking merrily. Who are they fooling? Prostitution is worth receiving stone to death in Middle east but when they come here they do with utmost freedom, who are they trying to fool, you or me? I haven`t got a clue.

    In fact coming to your point. Here in UK we have mostly pork gelatine and I`m quiet sure that the muslims must be quite fussy about it too. But what can you do to stop this petty fundamentalistic thinking? this in fact comes from their own families to start with. Its bit like glorifying violence. We have some Pakistani younsters (call themselves British) but inside follow Bin laden and justify the killings.

    Anyway I am sure you may find that in the middle east its halal gelatine not anything else.

    Have to go now. Bye bye.

  • 15 Feb 2006 03:11:15 GMT

    Please, please Save the cattle from slaughter.

    Otherwise we will not have a single politician in this country!

  • 15 Feb 2006 08:16:48 GMT

    First and Foremost,Let US SAVE the INNOCENT HUMANS from Slaughter from the Terrorist,Mafia and the blood thirsty Politicians

  • 15 Feb 2006 08:36:25 GMT

    DrAKAI,I do not think generalizing and bias attitude is not healthy dialogue.Your comment about pakistanis,yes there can be some but a very negligible number justifying venegence for indiscriminative attacks but majority are very much part of the british society.So does the minority British Tamils justifying the LTTE atrocities or the Minority Sinhalese justifying the Armed forces brutalities.

    Did you see the video as to how the british troops were assaulting unarmed Iraqi Teenagers?Here is an uninvited Power entering a Rich country and bulling them to surrender.Is this Christian Crusade?



    Regard to ME,I think any sensible Sri Lankan should be grateful for the ME Countries because foreign exchange earners both labour and Tea are our major contributors to the Economy.There are over 1,2 million Sri Lankans employed in the ME with over 7 million Sri lankan either directly or indirectly benefiting from them(Which includes their family members)

    Next is that all should have their rights,The vegeterinian has his right so does the non-vegeterinian but adding salt and peeper with curry powder is not appreciated.We cannot impose our beleifs and will on others.

  • 15 Feb 2006 11:42:34 GMT

    There is no evidence to show that the halal method of killing is inhumane. All that the halal method requires is for the animals throat to be slit and the blood drained from it followed by prayers. Some may perceive this as inhumane, but others may argue that the immediate loss of blood from the head could numb the animal of pain.

    Nevertheless, Sri Lanka`s inhumane method of animal slaughtering has nothing to do with the halal method. It is to do with the lack of proper technology and method for humane slaughtering that ensures minimal pain to the cattle. The only way to solve this is to educate slaughter houses on more humane and modern methods of slaughtering.

    Also, the members of this forum are advised to express their opinions with some sensitivity to others` beliefs and religious values, even if different from ours. To question the humaneness and acceptability of halal methods in modern society is indeed commendable, but if such debate is carried out with a level of respect and decency, it may help debate to be more constructive.

  • 15 Feb 2006 11:58:26 GMT


    With all due respect to you my point was specifically pointed at `Some` Pakistanis not all. So as rightly I would not blame one whole community for a handful of disobedient citizens.

    Secondly I have not mentioned British Tamils justifying terrorism and I will never say that except for a handful as you always find but majority are very decent citizens with so much better things to do in life rather glorifying violence etc.

    I have nothing against ME countries and for no obvious reasons too. All I said was the barbaric method they adopt to slaughter animals and any decent human being without religious extremism would know its correct. The pain and the suffering are met by the creature not the person who advocates it so anyone can speculate things this and that. But the bottom line is those creatures have a Central Nervous System and slitting the throat is an immensely painful procedure which humans who eat meat would not realise for not knowing the pain as such. Economic benefits are completely another issue to what I quoted which has nothing to do with slaughtering animals as the latter is a moral issue as well as an ethical issue in the 21st century.

    I am not implying people to become vegetarians. All my views were thrown at the moral and ethical end as far as the animal rights are concerned. It has nothing to be of adding salt and pepper to curry powder scenario. I very much think people should be aware both things in life to make it more democratic. Finally I have nothing against anyone who eats meat because at the end of the day I used to eat meat and on certain moral issues I have stopped them taking in and that has nothing to do with people who carry on further in life. I try to be rational as possible in life so have the right to express views that pertain to. After all people tend to think on different point of views. I have so many friends who feel like me but do at some meat so I have nothing against them after all everyone has his/her view and that cannot be changed and should not be so unless self realisation takes over the former.

    Hope that clarifies your doubt in my view.


  • 15 Feb 2006 17:32:48 GMT

    Dharmaya & aritha_spice

    I take your point that we should productively discuss issues without causing offence to other groups with different beliefs.

    One forms opinions from various facts, observations, readings, teachings etc. My view on animal suffering is based on my observation and I am entitled to discuss my opinion even though I may not be sure if opinion is entirely correct. I will change my views if I am proved wrong.

    Now, would you also agree that different groups are entitled to practice their own cultural & religious practice without causing offence or without being a nuisance to others?

    Let?s assume a dying patient refuses to take capsules because it made of non-halal shells. Just imagine the nuisance that this patient would cause to the medical staff and the fellow patients.

    I could go on with examples but, I will stop.