Muslims split on reps. for Geneva talks

  • 15 Feb 2006 06:18:31 GMT

    Is the problem over a representative as part of a govt. delegation or a separate delegation? Seems SLMC wants a separate delegation where more than one person can be included while the others in the govt. seem to accept a single representative as part of the govt. delegation. If so, the Muslim MPs in the govt. fighting for that single spot are not only involved in a sellout but also making asses of themselves. The Muslim public will certainly be very disappointed and feel let down for the umpteenth time.

  • 15 Feb 2006 06:34:39 GMT

    Muslims need a fair representation in these talks since large number of Tamil speaking people in the East are Muslims and they are not ready to LIVE under the tyranny of Schizophrenic Prabhakaran/LTTE dictatorship nor Singhalese could sell them to LTTE.

  • 15 Feb 2006 12:40:06 GMT


    Muslims need a separate delegation because:

    They have concerns over their security and general well being which were not addresed in previous negotiations like the Thimpu talks, Indo-Lanka Accord or even the CFA all of which ignored the Muslims. It is not a coincidence that these attempts failed to bring peace

    The Muslims have suffered heavily during the conflict and are continuing to suffer in so many ways. Only Muslims can give proper voice to their suffering. When the LTTE claims that the ethnic cleansing of Muslims from the North in 1990 is justified, how can Muslims be certain that our grievances will be even taken up during talks if only the GOSL & LTTE were to take part?

    Any peace agreement that does not take into consideration the Muslim concerns may stop one war but create another war which will engulf the whole country. This is not sooth-saying but conclusion formed on the basis of ground realities. Is there any point in reaching a deal between two parties when there is a third party who also has direct concerns which need to be addressed?

    If there is a sincere wish on all parties to reach a durable and just peace, then it is absolutely vital that the Muslims are accommodated as a separate delegation. Otherwise, this country will never see peace.

  • 15 Feb 2006 16:11:01 GMT

    Muslims need a separate delegation because their allegiance is to the religion and not the land.

    they dont beleive the Ltte or the GOSL. they were in bed with the GOSL when the Tamils fought and when GOSL started to talk with the LTTE Hakeem and co went all the way to Kilinochi.

    switch hitting is something that comes naturally!

  • 15 Feb 2006 18:43:52 GMT

    The Muslim population of the East has a definite right to be represented on a desicion that could determine who they would be living under. Given the history, i can understand why Muslims in the East are apprehensive about living in LTTE controlled areas.

  • 15 Feb 2006 21:42:26 GMT

    Those Muslims whom live in non-Muslim countries find it difficult to integrate with the rest of the population. The Muslims may have arrived in Sri Lanka back in 6th century A.D., but still they find it difficult to be loyal to Sri Lanka.

    Apply a Cricket Test:

    Say Sri Lanka V Pakistan

    Why do Sri Lankan Muslims support Pakistan?

    It is because, like Tamilcanuck said, there are loyal to Islam, and nothing else. Hence, they cannot conceivably support Sri Lanka against a Muslim country.

    That said, democratically, they should be represented in the Geneva talks.

  • 16 Feb 2006 05:11:22 GMT


    By the ethnic cleansing of Tamils by the SLA & GOSL, are you are referring to the events of May 1958 and July 1983?

    Can you name the muslim groups which worked side by side with the SLA & GOSL and when and where they worked?

    True Muslims have been represented in every govt. just as much as they have been represented in every opposition. That is because there are Muslims in all parties. Is there anything wrong in that? As far as the Community is concerned this has not exactly worked favourably as party loyalty is stronger than community loyalty with the result that there is a lot of division and rift within the community. Those in power work against those in opposition on a scale unseen and unimaginable in the Sinhala community. This is stating the obvious as the title of this thread itself indicates.

    You allege that while in government Muslims have been `working against the Tamils and got all the benefits on the cost of the Tamils`. Can you give details and elaborate on that as you are making a very sweeping statement.

    Just as much as you have heard disparaging remarks made by Sinhalese against Muslims, I have heard similar remarks by Sinhalese against Sinhalese, Tamils against Tamils, Muslims against Muslims and every community against every other community. At the same time, there are favourable comments too. These are personal experiences. Sometimes, some of these personal experiences, the bad ones, make deep impressions in some people`s mind. The communal clashes that occur occasionally, Mawanella and Aluthgama come to mind as recent manifestations, are perhaps the result of such deep impressions. In both Mawanella and Aluthgama, Muslims suffered considerably. Does that mean the entire Sinhala community is to be branded as anti-Muslim for the work of a few? There are certainly bad elements in every community. How right is that to take the conduct of a few as the basis for branding the entire community? How right is it to carry this jugdement further in a situation where the future of communities are going to be decided?

    True the LTTE does not trust the Muslims. That is because it is the Muslims who stood and continue to stand as an obstacle to their goal of Ealam. If not for the Muslims, Ealam would have been a reality a long time ago. It is NOT because of the GOSL or SLA or the Sinhalas that Sri Lanka remains as one country today but because of the Muslims for which the Muslims have paid and are still continuing pay a heavy price. It is sad that some Sinhalese DON`T realise this perhaps because of some personal experiences which have made some deep impressions in their minds.

    Forced to stop due space constraints. Will continue

  • 16 Feb 2006 07:18:11 GMT

    Yes, for Muslims faith comes first before self. As the faith teaches us to be law abiding citizens within the laws of the land. However, when a Muslim is offended as a person, he would defend like any other person of faith. But when his Religion is offended, he would defend not his self but his faith even at the cost of his life. Proof is around all the nook and corner of this world. Well, in politics, every MP is a Jockey; have a ride on the best horses. If within the SLFP (and now possibly the JVP), UNP and even the Urumaya could be jumping-jack, why not members of other faith. Yeah, if the Muslims unite, there would be no other force in this world to degrade them. But when they don`t unite, it leaves all others in a confused state; neither here, nor there. This will also be good for the Muslims. To the government there is only one option; Unilateral decision, a decision fair, equitable and formidable for the security of the Muslims.

  • 16 Feb 2006 09:58:05 GMT



    Like their forefathers were, the Muslims today are also standing steadfastly to maintain the independence and territorial integrity of the country. The Sinhalese of those yonder years appreciated the valuable service the Muslims rendered to the country and took good care of the Muslims. It seems the Sinhalese of today are different in that respect.

    What the Muslims want is to live as equal citizens with dignity, respect and security. The Muslims know only too well the LTTE is not going to forgive them for standing in their march towards Ealam. Naturally, we want to make sure that we save ourselves from LTTE retribution that is sure to come if any settlement is reached between the GOSL & the LTTE without Muslim participation. LTTE knows fully well why we want a separate delegation and they are all out to prevent it. I ask SomRama59 and all others who think that a separate Muslim delegation is not necessary, for safeguarding and preventing the division of this country do you want the tigers to devour us or give us the opportunity to protect us? Whatever may be your response, we assure everybody that, we will do everything in our power to make Sri Lanka remain as one country and, God willing, Sri Lanka will remain one undivided country.

    SomaRamama59 Sir, you made a very irresponsible statement by saying `both Tamils and Muslims belong to the same language group. First they should have a dialogue in between themselves to solve their own conflicts`.

    First and foremost, we don`t have a conflict with anyone. Secondly the present conflict is between GOSL of which we are proud citizens and a rebel group that is trying to divide the country. Thirdly though the North/East Muslims speak the Tamil language, we are a distinct community with our own culture and traditions. Last but by no means least, we are equal citizens of this country and it is the RESPONSIBILITY OF GOSL to address our needs. Tamils are also equal citizens like us. Why should we talk to the Tamils to solve our problems? Are they more equal than us or is the GOSL abdicating its responsibility?

    Why do you ask whether Muslims have sacrificed any lives? Surely thousands of Muslims have been killed by all the Tamil armed groups from the start of the conflict and the killing continues to this day? They are killed in their houses, business places, on the road, in fields, offices and even while they pray in the mosque not forgetting the police men and members of the armed forces killed in the line of duty. If sacrificing life is a qualification to be separately represented, haven`t enough Muslims been killed so far? Or are you suggesting that Muslims also must take up arms to qualify for talks?

  • 16 Feb 2006 10:19:51 GMT


    Re loyalty to Sri Lanka what more than saving Sri Lanka from division? Pls. see my separate post.

    Whom do the Tamils support when Sri Lanka plays India? For that matter one wonders whether the Tamils support Sri Lanka at all regardless of whom Sri Lanka plays with the possible execption of Pakistan.

    Then, taking this line of thinking further, Sri Lankans who have settled down in Australia/New Zeland/UK must support their adopted country when they play agaisnt Sri Lanka? Do they do that? You see them waving Sri Lankans flags and screaming hoarse in support of Sri Lanka? If it is okay for ex-Sri Lankans to support Sri Lanka against their adopted country, why bother about Muslim supporting Pakistan? Can you see the flaw in your argument?