LTTE, monitors, don`t see eye to eye

  • 12 Feb 2006 03:19:22 GMT


    What a change from the earlier views???????

    I thought SLMM was always supporting LTTE. Now they are becoming impartial!!

    new revelation!!

  • 12 Feb 2006 12:41:50 GMT

    HELEN OLAFSDOTTIR is shedding crocodile tears before the Geneva talks?

    They very well see each other from under the table.

    Surely, they woulf be holding hands or trampling toes in Geneva.

    What is the next SLMM game plan against GOSL?

    Is this statement a dangling carrot for Nimal siripala?

    All SLMM has been capable of was to pass info to the LTTE

    and get RW to sign a toothless CFA.

    For one thing for sure, they eagerly await to pounce on inconsistencies of SLDF actions & highlight through their pet boys the paid NGO`s.

  • 12 Feb 2006 18:29:14 GMT

    This woman has been criticising the SLA and supporting the LTTE all this time and suddelly has gotten up from the fake sleep,why?

    These xxxxxx SLMM are nothing burt another set of terrorists helping LTTE to establish a seperate state by supporting them in various ways.Now as some one above says these are crockerdile tears.These idiots should be sent to the oblivian before they destroy the Buddhist and Hindu values.

  • 12 Feb 2006 22:06:41 GMT

    I wonder what Radhika Coomarasamy thinks about this?

    I feel that the Monitoring mission needs to respect the Tigers in this issue. External agencies cannot resolve this problem through Objective measures. This goes to the root of the issue. Tigers genuinely believe that they are `redeeming` these children to give them a better life. I have seen them work tirelessly towards this. To the extent they are genuine, this would work in favour of the children. The form in which others see the outcomes may not be appropriate in this instance because it is not an `administrative` issue. Most of them end up with the Tigers voluntarily - directly or through their parents who genuinely believe that life with the Tigers would be better for their children. They are not different to the hundreds of thousands of Tamils - in Sri Lankan and beyond, who would not criticize the Tigers because they know intuitively that the Tigers believe in what they do - and the Tigers are their children - however wrong they may sometimes seem to be.

    External agencies need to respect this fundamental right of Tamils including Tigers and work through the Tamils close to Tigers and not interact directly with or against the Tigers to produce what look like `Objective ` results. This is a highly subjective issue and the rights of parents must be respected in their natural environments.

    Gaja Lakshmi Paramasivam from Australia

  • 13 Feb 2006 04:40:42 GMT

    I`m doubting whether there`s a god or at least theirs justice in this when when i go through certain articles in this forums...

    Whatever said and done...who ever`s at fault etc etc.

    Children at war should`ve never been a reality...

    It`s absolutely sad that even some senior people that looked like had some brains are talking so supportive of tigers...

    I hate tigers...just like a hate racist sinhalese...whether their politicians or army guys or even posters in this website..

    But c`mon can you guys support any armed group that trains children and said them to death...

    even if they don;t die or whatever...the emotional scarring will never go away...

    This is absolutely sad...

    Those promote or even talk a word in supportive of child recruitment should suffer a simillar loss to their own for them to properly understand the issue at stake...

    it`s very easy to sit in front of a computer and beleive everything you supporters say and not see life for what it is...

    I hope we will never return to war ever again and build a nation that nurtures the future...respects life...takes care of their younger generation...

    this is in-humantity at the highest degree...

  • 13 Feb 2006 04:51:32 GMT


    Instead of feeling daunted, why don`t you DO something to add yourself to the issue?



  • 13 Feb 2006 05:30:46 GMT

    Dear Madam Gaja,

    I`m sorry to have gone against your post.

    First of all i`m sihnalese catholic... :)

    I hate tigers...i do hate racists too...whoever and whatever they know why?

    i go through it myself to a point....honestly not even close to as difficult to the hardships people go under in warzones.

    I`m married to a tamil...doesn`t give anything extra to add here but it give me a little different view point.

    What i simply said was...Children in warfare should not be a reality. I`m sure you have children... I have 2 nephews and i myself will have a few of them in the future :)

    Me being who i am can`t even fathom fact that you`re saying LTTE is genuinely interested in kids welfare when they sand them to the front...or even give them military training...

    Tigers genuinely beleiving in something and doing the total opposite doesn`t make it right.... You can totally beleive in the fact you`re a perfect surgeon when you`re not and end up killing your patient...this doesn`t make it right now does it...

    My analogy might not be perfect...i`m not a very very educated man.... But i feel as a human and nomatter what excuses tigers have.....children in combat is absolutely inhuman...

    I do feel daunted like you say for the simple reasons....two parties are fighting for a useless cause killing thousands....when most races are living in peace in the south. weird isn`t it :)

    And i am doing something in my a smaller scale to promote harmony between the groups...i have made many tamil freinds...most of us sinhalese and tamils and muslims in this part of the island are working, living, partying, getting married etc etc. together without any problems...

    People who are so absorbed into this and have no other life don`t really have no choice but to continue this bloody war to their graves....

    I don`t blame you for supporting tigers in their recruitment of`s who you are and what you beleive...

    that`s perfectly fine...

    i feel sad for those children...they should`ve have had a chance like you and i did :)

    take care

    Dauntless...(handle doesn`t have anything to do with who i`s a name of a plane from a computer game)

  • 13 Feb 2006 09:22:16 GMT

    Thank you Dauntless for that moving response.

    I do appreciate that you feel for those children. I do believe that I feel more for those children than you do. I feel also that your feelings are based on yourself as a parent (to be). This is fine. But don`t you think that if the International agencies are hasty and therefore use our children to earn their credits - those children would become pawns on both sides?

    Tamils are addressing this issue with the Tigers. There is no `force` used to keep any child. Children are `influenced` and hence educating parents is of utmost importance. This is what we are doing.

    This is not different to the Church recruiting children here in Australia long time back. At that time they would have thought it was a good thing. Likewise the Tigers now.

    If YOU know directly of at least one child who is being kept by force by the Tigers - then you have the authority to condemn them. Not otherwise. Otherwise it would work against you in the system of Natural Justice. I am a deep believer in Our Lady. I would therefore have sensed if the Tigers were being cruel to children. Misguided may be - but not cruel.



  • 13 Feb 2006 10:13:22 GMT

    Thank you madam gaja for your response.

    I appreciate the importance of this forum keeping the both ends of the world connected...for better or worse :)

    Yes you might be correct when say that you feel more than i do for these children...

    the fact remains that either forced or by are fighting the war with LTTE...

    My point is... If LTTE is so superior etc. and cares for their people etc. why can`t they get these kids out of their fighting force.

    As a parent you would know the things kids demand...what they think at that time might not be the best option for them...

    The reason adults are there is to guide the young ones when they should be guided...

    Can you accept that a 14-16 year old kid can make such a big decision all by themselves and it be the best thing for their future?

    I`m very sorry but i totally disagree with you. Force or by don`t belong in the battlefield.

    If LTTE is so away the kids when they come to enlist...

    I don`t have to worry about natural justice in this case...if there`s anything like will have to worry about it...and not me.

    Tigers send kids to volunteering doesn`t change are still kids...

    Even jesus held children at such a higher place...i`m ashamed that you`re also a catholic and supports this.

    I`ll leave you at that.

    take care and have a long life


  • 13 Feb 2006 14:46:52 GMT

    Dauntless, i totally agree with what you say. Alot of people have sympathy with the Palestinian cause and yet they use children who have neither the sense or the experience to be able to make the decision to fight and die. These children are exploited. Its as simple as that.

    No one is forcing these children - they are volunteering as Gaja allegdes LTTE child cadres are. And the LTTE are exploiting children who know no better. And their parents who may not have much of a choice.

    All Tamils do not have the right or the ability to question the tactics of the LTTE. We all know what happens to dissenters.

    I think that there should be self government for Tamils and a federal solution is the only way to avoid further conflict, but surely no one can honestly assert that the LTTE are representative?