Cooray returns to stake claim

  • 9 Feb 2006 04:02:04 GMT

    The statement that M. H. Mohamed `accompaniyed` Milinda Moragoda and Mohamed Maharoof to meet Ranil Wickramasinghe is inaccurate and distortion of fact to support and give credibility to the caditature of Mr. Corray.

    The actual scenario is that Mr. Mohamed recieved a phone call from Mr Wicramasinghe asking him to meet him urgently. On arrival at his office Mr. Mohamed was surprised to see Mr. Moragoda and Mr. Maharoof already present. At this stage Mr. Wickramasinghe informed Mr Mohamed that the other two have strongly suggested the name of Mr. Corray and Mr. Wickrasinghe had made the decision to appoint him as candiaite for mayor of Colombo. The reponse of Mr. Mohomed was `if you have already decided, Why ask me?`

    Thus at no time was Mr Mohemed consulted of his opinion on the matter. Quite on the contrary he was `ambused` by Mr. Wickramasinghe, Mr Moragoda and Mr Maharoof and the fact of the scenarior were distorted and realeased to the press in order to increase the political esteem of those who seek it at others expense.

  • 9 Feb 2006 05:20:59 GMT

    Popeye, Upali lamaya has been despatched long time ago and is not among the living now!

  • 9 Feb 2006 05:46:04 GMT

    Popeye is correct. Country in the hands of dogs.

  • 9 Feb 2006 05:52:36 GMT

    Country has been in the hands of dogs for donkeys years. It is not something that happened recently.

    Rata ballanta gihilla ballo rata gihilla rata giya ballo ayeth awilla!

  • 9 Feb 2006 12:14:21 GMT

    Mr Haniffa!

    I`m not surprised that you were quick to defend your father! But as a Muslim from Colombo i like to tell you that your father has lost all the respect he once had! I don`t need to remind you about the colpity mosque premises and also the tsunami fraud your father`s name is in-tangled in know!

    But what i find hard to understand is that why did your father cut his nephew the ex mayor of Colombo Omar Kamil! Omar kamil in my opinion was one of the better mayors along with Karu Jayasuriya Colombo had! Was it because your family believes that omar kamil will take over after your father!

    This will may be put and end to your brother`s or your ambitions in politics!

    I`m very aware of the family politics your family is involved! You can deny as much as you want but the truth is Omar Kamil is a big threat to you`ll!

    Anyways as a UNP supporter I hope UNP will appoint a honest politician like Omar kamil to take the council from the mess it is in! And Mr hanifa wasn`t it your father who suggested the name prassane Gunawardane last time for the mayor`s post! See what a big joke he turned out to be!

  • 9 Feb 2006 16:38:29 GMT

    MR. HANIFFA - trapped in your own den by that LIVERPOOL17?

    Appears some dirty linnen being washed in...

    KWIKANGA ; I have just enjoyed your wit.....

    BONGGO has just received slash from a double

    edge sword..........

    It sums up everything & parted an earful.......

    Must be echoing all the way ............

  • 9 Feb 2006 18:07:15 GMT


    Booy... have you got guts to expose people.

  • 9 Feb 2006 18:29:16 GMT

    Mr.Sirisena Cooray should be DECENT ENOUGH to tell RW that the incumbent Deputy Mayor deserves the nomination to the Mayoral position and not an Old laggard as him.

    RW has to set the proper standards for the Party that would enable every aspirant to follow a chain of command and policies transparent. These Ad hoc decisions are not helpful to strengthen the party. There is a mass of supporters behind Mr. Azath Sally. If RW nominates Mr. Cooray , he would be alienating a good chunk of voters in Colombo.


  • 10 Feb 2006 12:20:58 GMT

    Kikiwanga: You are right man, that is what I meant. Not just today or recently, it has been always.

    I am also glad that political siblings too monitor this page but somehow the message does not hammer home!!

    Liverpool: you missed Haniffa`s point. He emphasised M.H. Mohammed was NOT involved in promoting Cooray`s name. Anyway since you have washed a lot of dirty linen on the roadside municipal tap, you sure have an insight in to these inside politics.

    Fairplay: unfortunately things do not happen as you mentioned. In fact Omar Kamil should have been the Mayor last time too going by his past record and experience. I do ot know why they gave it to Prasanna, his term has been a disaster and most of the time Sally was running the show.

    Despite Cooray`s record as a politician, he has the capability to improve the lives of city dweller. However, Kamil has an impeccable record as a politician and municipal councillor. Road condition improved tremendously during his tenure. Even rubbish collection was very good. Many of these schemes were initiated by Karu Jayasuriya and he continued.

    However Fairplay, in sri lankan politics the most suitable man often does not get the position, under any political party (if not Prasanna would not have got nominations last time). These parties work acoording to their own agenda so bring disaster upon themselves first which is in fact the country`s disaster.