Government plans to provide 13000 jobs

  • 7 Feb 2006 03:26:31 GMT


    Don`t get exited.

    What he would have meant was that he will create jobs to produce 13,000 plaques that will be used for the `so called` ceremonial opening of the project by one of the Politicians or even the President.

    That`s about it.


  • 8 Feb 2006 14:56:47 GMT

    Mahinda brother provided billions of rupee worth things to Budist shrine.

    where he got the money from? he got from lord budha.

    Mahinda is sarrounded by idiots. isn`t it prove?

    there are thousands of singhala people also suffering after tsunami, they have no house to go to and the country is begging vertually every country.

    but the presidents brother had this moch money to donate to budist temple.

    any chance country can go forward?

    no chance with this Mahidas(dumb) chintana.

    Lankan Minister donates Rs. 10 cr. gold dome to Buddhist shrine

    Farrukhabad (UP), Feb. 8 (PTI): Sri Lankan Agriculture Minister Chaman Rajapakse, today offered prayers at the famous Buddhist piligrimage at Sankisa here and donated a golden dome worth Rs 10 crores to the stupa.

    The Minister, who is the brother of Lankan President Mahinda Rajapakse, and his entourage arrived here from Agra last evening and took part in the `paritran paath` which would continue till tomorrow.

    Earlier the Sri Lankan group, consisting of men and women clad in traditional clothes, took out a `shobha yatra` (procession) carrying the golden dome (`kalash`). The dome was place in the stupa by Rajapakse this morning.

    In 2004, the then President of Sri Lanka Chandrika Kumaratunge had also donated a golden dome to the stupa.

  • 9 Feb 2006 00:44:58 GMT

    This must also be a another from the Mahinda Chintana. Give jobs, print money, pay the salaries, job problem solved. To hell with inflation!

  • 9 Feb 2006 09:49:14 GMT

    Ajan quate [[ Mahinda brother provided billions of rupee worth things to Budist shrine.

    where he got the money from? he got from lord budha. and *********** stuff ]]


    where did you get this story? let me know the url?

  • 9 Feb 2006 11:07:48 GMT

    LankaTileke... This is the URL.

  • 9 Feb 2006 14:41:49 GMT


    have a break... :)

  • 9 Feb 2006 16:44:22 GMT

    It is unfortunate after the GOSL has invested in their educations these Grads still expext the GOSL to provide with secure employment as well.

    It simply shows that they can not think for themselves and come up with some thing to earn their living....

    It is time the GOSL stopped promise of jobs to the Grads and instead provide loans for them get started with their own devised SME projects.........

  • 10 Feb 2006 05:58:59 GMT

    Samanj, in SL it`s the unemployed arts, science and agriculture graduates ( majority are arts graduates)and the MBBS graduates who expect the government to give them jobs. The others find jobs elsewhere some how. The MBBS graduates succeed as there are opportunities for them and also the GMOA would go on strike if MBBS graduates are not given jobs by the government. The others are left to their own resorts.

  • 10 Feb 2006 06:05:39 GMT


    There is nothing to get excited about this. This is the regular announcement made just before any election.

    There is a local governement election around the corner.