Anti-liquor Bill: SC wants some clauses amended

  • 2 Feb 2006 03:19:48 GMT

    The supreme court suggestion is prudent than the JHU stupidity. For instance Malls and Supermarkets are easy and cheaper for consumers to shop than old fashion boutiques, hence people should be able to go to a Mall or a supermarket for their needs. If one hundred meter radius of exclusion is imposed then one can not sell liquor nor cigarettes in a Mall or a grocery store. Therefore tobacco shops ,liquor stores and grocery stores should be prohibited to sell tobacco or alcohol to minors imposing strict penalties for violating the law . Any way in reference to tobacco sails it is going to be a problem since there are poor street vendors making a living out of it. Our country is not a developed country to bring such strict regulations to stop streed vendors without allowing corrupt officials to take advantage of it. Parents ,Teachers and public media should do a more thorough education to Children about consequences of smoking,and consuming drugs and alcohol.

  • 2 Feb 2006 03:34:27 GMT

    Oyi, Omaple goyyo, thamuse mekata maaraanthika upawaasayak karanne kawadada?

  • 2 Feb 2006 16:32:18 GMT

    Condemn the liquor which is the worst drug !

    Even Ganja is not dangerous in face of tobacco and alcohol !

    Save our citizens lifes !

    Ban alcohol and his legal buisness !

  • 2 Feb 2006 16:59:38 GMT

    I hope this has nothing to do with the kassippu raids. :)