Telecom crisis: President urged to intervene

  • 26 Nov 2006 11:53:25 GMT

    Senaka007, more than the state being owners of businesses, this is the trouble being caused by the trade unions. SLT is not fully state owned, but the rot that crept in when it was a govt. dept remains even under privatisation.

    Lee Kwan Yu praised the leftist trade unions in SL for organising a crippling strike at the Colombo port in the late 50s` which diverted all shipping traffic to Singapore avoiding Colombo, and the rest is history.

  • 26 Nov 2006 22:26:59 GMT

    There one way to deal with the rotten workers in the telecoms sector,is to follow British telecoms.This telecom companymust identify the troublemakers and give them an attractive redundancy package and hire new workers on condition they sign a no strike agreement with new working conditions and when the business is doing well give them their bonuses in the company shares.If it is still worse,give the labor consuming external work to private sub contractors or ex employee that have taken the redundancy package on short term contract that is piece work.I was with BT before the privatization and long after until retirement.Productivity was high after privatization,so were the wages.There was no room for idle workers,as the work manager system using the laptop was kept them on their toes.

  • 27 Nov 2006 01:07:29 GMT

    Justman, the way the trade unionists in Britain think and the way the leftist trade unionists in SL think are totally different. In SL a trade union is capable of destroying a national asset regardless of the loss to the nation.

    Under the SL labour laws strikes are a legitimate right of the workers and that cannot be taken away from them by agreement or otherwise. This is due to the political system where there are more workers and less employers, suggesting playing into the hands of the workers ensures more votes for the greedy politicians to be in power. SL has power hungry politicians seeking to feather their own nests. That is not the case in Britain.

    If an insentive package is offered to the masterminds and retired-off there will be many others to take up the position and they too will have to be offered similar attractive packages and that alone will kill the industry!