Huge hike for all MPs

  • 25 Nov 2006 17:40:17 GMT

    The country is in deep trouble and it is unimaginable that all politicians belonging to UNP, SLFP,JVP,JHU etc. have joined hands in getting their salaries/allowances increased by more than 100%. This is in addition to free fuel, duty free cars, subsidized meals etc. etc. and a pensionable state job...... This is the only occasion when all parties can get together and work together to meet the `Common Goal` which is nothing but the exploitation of the country.

    Following centuries of exploitation of the country by Europeans, the aristocrats who joined hands with the colonials, inherited the country just like a `Ninda gama` to exploit. As long as these aristocrats are in power, the average Sri Lankan, Sinhala or Tamil, will never see prosperity in their own country. Just look at the names of these top politicians... almost all of them are aristocrats , descendants of aristocrats or henchmen of old aristocrats.

    Shame on all those politicains... they are a disgrace to the humanity

  • 25 Nov 2006 18:23:35 GMT

    This is a disgrace to the masses. How could they dish themselves upto 150% salary increase not only in the current climates but under any circumstance!

    This must be a world record !!

    We all know that they get many many allowances ( parliment sittings, fuel, meals etc) and duty free vehicles and the actual salaries are generally multiplied any way !

    Servents of people serving themselves!!

    What is needed is a national salary structure once and for all !

  • 25 Nov 2006 18:46:07 GMT

    Why No hike for JRJ?

  • 26 Nov 2006 04:31:39 GMT

    Make hay while the sun shines!! UNP or PA or whoever, they all do it the same way. The damned fools the people in the country keeping voting for these filthy swines at each election and then complain!!

    We have to remember that these are just the allowances, to this the salaries are also added!!

    A country gets the leaders it deserves as said by Sir Winston Churchill.

  • 26 Nov 2006 10:28:04 GMT

    My newly born son (just 3 weeks old now)has on his neck a due of LKR 125000-150000, our island is sinking in debts day by day due to the absence of sufficient financial resources, public is starving hunger....etc...whereas our MPs and other politicians are obtaining more and more (200%increment) of their compensation...I wonder {what do they do for our country to deserve that..honestly}...I can`t imagine how our next year budget can be....

    i was planning to return home and settle down there after 5 years....Sorry Sri Lanka...our politicians don`t give me any option...I miss you

  • 26 Nov 2006 13:12:16 GMT

    Very good, very good, poor MP`s don`t have enough money to survive. Commissions, under money may be not enough, that`s why they need to get their salaries increased. All facilities given to MP`s must be enhanced in order to meet the price hikes of commodities.

    It`s not fair if I don`t tell that the salaries of MP`s are not enough at all to meet their day to day expanses. Because they will have to subsidize for each and every funerals in the area and for daily night parties at their home for their party supporters. BUT THE COMMISSION, UNDER MONEY, TENDER MONEY, NOT ENOUGH ???

    Mahinda Chinatana works well as promised.