Madiwela land sold at less than 15% of market value

  • 25 Nov 2006 13:36:18 GMT

    Oh.... No..... no................noooooooo.....

    The Minister is Lily white...........

    This is the fault of the Chief Valuer of the VD........

    Sorry ! the Minister is out of step with the current market trends.

    These rascals follow the law to its very letter.

    A Sri Lanka sans corruption..........

    Hail the Urban Development Minister

  • 25 Nov 2006 15:44:26 GMT

    To correct you Justman:

    I dont think the airport is meant for people in Anuradhapure to catch planes. A majority of tourism in our country breeds in the South - HIkkaduwa, Hambantota, Bentota etc. The airport down south is supposed to promote tourism in the South - think about what you`re saying before claiming certain projects are `the most absurd things to do`.

  • 25 Nov 2006 16:25:51 GMT

    [ Urban Development Minister Dinesh Gunawadene said the land was sold at a price recommended by the Chief Valuer of Valuation Department ]

    Yes Minister, you sponsored the cabinet approval to reward CBK with 1.5 acres of land which was returned due to impeding litigations and not due to the love of the country as claimed by CBK.

    Now don`t go behind the Chief Valuer, its too much a wide margin to be simply passed on. Perhaps a threat of another litigation may bring to light the real consideration and the actual deal.

  • 25 Nov 2006 18:00:45 GMT

    This is nothing new.... The entire administration is so corrupted, that any thing can be done with the right contacts at the right places.

    The most amusing thing is that the land was allocated to build a Presidential Palace for those presidents who `sacrificed ` their lives as well as those of their families, for the country. Those so-called presidents, except Premadasa, all came from the aristocrats who supported the colonials to exploit this country for centuries after centuries.

  • 25 Nov 2006 23:52:23 GMT


    thanks for enlightening us about the airport in the south,your explanation is good enough.we are really concerned if the precious money of the country is wisely used.We were told by a minister that the airport highway will cost so much,that it would take 150 years to repay.He use to support the present government.He said the government was not willing use a less expensive route for the airport to Katunayake.Government must come to grips with the very slow and inefficient Judaical system.They must adopt,urgently a similar system that is practiced in UK,with respect to land disputes.the present system favors the person who Can out last the time and costs.We could have save much money and time if the Koggala airport was expanded,instead of building another new one.