JHU urges action against Kotelawala

  • 23 Nov 2006 23:48:06 GMT

    The moment they come out with this sort of statements

    Racist should replace the word Venerable and the thug can be addressed as Racist. X or Y.

  • 24 Nov 2006 00:00:36 GMT

    We should have very little respect to religious priests or agents,as they are not educated enough to give a sensible or valid opinion.They can be the cause of many conflicts in the world.We see that in Iran,Iraq,northern Ireland,not forgetting Cyprus,divided under a political leader who was a priest.They should be confined to churches,temples and mosques.They are not elected to speak for the country,even though when they are elected as an extremist fringe party.These extremist parties should not speak for the people of the country,who are always represented by the major parties.

  • 24 Nov 2006 00:07:17 GMT

    Mr. Kotelawala has done more to the country than all the people harping about his statement put together.

    He is a realist and a visionary, if he was not then he would not be in the position he is in now. Ven. Omalpe Sobhita Thera who has lived a luxury life with the handouts of the poor is questioning the patriotism of a man who has done so much to the country, he might have made money in the process but that is not at issue.

    Like Sir John Kotalawala believed (based on what I have heard) the curse for the country are these mor0ns in robes who don`t preach or practice the virtues of that great religion but go around spreading hatred for personal gain.

  • 24 Nov 2006 00:32:22 GMT

    [Eelaventhan saying they would attend the next budget in Eelam]

    Did Eelaventhan let the cat out of the bag. Are we going to hear `UDI` very soon?

  • 24 Nov 2006 04:52:05 GMT

    The best solution for LalithKotalawala like people is to avoid doing with those people.

    General public should be asked to stop buying anything comeing from his businsses. There should be organised in Sri lanka to carry out this kind of things.


    If he said either AnandaSangaree or even Karuna are freedom fighters we can understand somethong in it.

    When he says, that LTTE are freedom fighters, it is like Joseph Rayappy saying that LTTE are Angles of Christ.

    Remember even this guy got together with the Bishop of colombo just before Presidentail elections and he asked people to vote to UNP.

    So, we need to understand where he is coming from.

  • 24 Nov 2006 07:44:23 GMT

    [all the sri lankans must avoid dealings with Nations traitor Kotelawalas Pro-LTTE Companys...]

    Son of a ? $#%&*^%$@$^**

  • 24 Nov 2006 09:01:51 GMT

    Lalith Kotalawala has done immense good for poor people, SL economy, tsunami victims, disabled people and given employment to thousands not like those morons and thugs called buddhist monks who only know to hooting at others and telling `vedi bana` while enjoyng free food, free clothes and free accaomodation. JHU fanatics even blame Lalith for that religiuos fanatic Gangodawila Soma`s death who went to russia greedily to get big cash bag and a fake degree.( basically `Illan Parippu Kawa`. Well if he has done that it is another great service to sri lanka. If that soma moron was alive today, there would be fights among christians and buddists, buddhists and muslims in addition to sinhalese and tamils.

  • 24 Nov 2006 11:04:56 GMT

    It is interesting , couple of months ago a colombo political professor(sinhala) said LTTE are choosing their steps very carefully they dont choose small military gains. they always always think far ahead. they always set srilanka to get a small military gain to srilanka then they will do a big blow.

    they never commit political or military sucide. sinhala politicians are not smart enough to spot Tigers strategy . i can go on but i have to live in the south. he said

    he also feared about the Monks.

    many sinhala acedemics and businessmen know the truth government cannot defeat tigers for hundred years. any defeat is short lived. war can go on forever, with hundreds of thousands of tamils who are effected by war and hurt by srilankan government will continue to fund tigers no matter what.

    if srilankan government want to push for war they will take back the country to stone age.

  • 24 Nov 2006 11:52:20 GMT


    Lalith or that stupid Bishop can say what they want,to vote for UNP or anything under the sun as long as they are not liable under the law.Are we not fighting for a free and a democratic country? What you people are trying to advocate is another dictatorship,as bad and cruel as the terrorist enclave we have in the north.This is worrying that no one is allowed to give his opinion that is different.Should we fight and win over these terrorists,will it create another state of terror and intimidation?Then we will have reemergence of these terrorists once again.

    Since the services of Ceylinco is good no shouting will make the people go else where,in reality it is the market forces that will determine the customer choice.

  • 24 Nov 2006 12:00:37 GMT


    You made some sense above.I hope rest of the country sees this logic.Should we defeat the tigers militarily for the moment,but not the conflict.It will go on until there is justice in the country.Too many unelected people of this religious sect getting involved in politics and this was the reason for Sir John to give up politics and leave the country.None of them uphold the true values of their founder,just a bunch of Hypocrites with a lot of hatred and wickedness.