When singing becomes a crime

  • 20 Nov 2006 14:10:44 GMT

    In this day and age when even a 3 wheeler driver with a grade 8 qualification can become Mayor and a garbage tractor driver without even a grade 8 can become deputy minister and an absolute thug can become a minister it is absolutely perfect for a singer to become a governor!! But of course as to where the country will head under their leadership is any body`s guess!

    Anyway singing will definitely amount to a crime if the words offend the general public or is targetted at any one individual and the song is sung in public!

  • 20 Nov 2006 18:17:50 GMT

    Hey kiwi,

    where have you been. i thought you disappeared!

  • 20 Nov 2006 22:43:02 GMT

    Our legislator gets filled up with uneducated and criminals a bad practice we copied from our Tamil brethren. The only difference is we did not kill our educated politicians but voted them out giving the place to criminals. In contrast Tamils kill the educated Tamil politicians and appoint the criminals to decide the destiny of the Tamils. However With lots of crooks and idiots in the legislator the Singhalese are doing better than the Tamils with their criminal leadership of Vanni.

  • 21 Nov 2006 01:02:23 GMT


    [Our legislator gets filled up with uneducated and criminals a bad practice we copied from our Tamil brethren]

    My dear friend you are exposing your really racial interior. Your racism is now overflowing without any boundary. Your pretending, your crocodile tears are absolute bull sh..t to hoodwink some fools.

    You are really a mole trying to change the mind set of the people who are suffering, by your sweet talk but now that all have understood your inner motive you are now started throwing abuse openly.

    How dare you could compare the southern politicians with any one else? From earlier times they were jokers except a few and from earlier times they resorted to violence and so-called unparliamentary language.

    Can`t you remember the number of killings hatched within the parliament? Don`t you remember the battle after the election results? Don`t you remember people running around with green or blue paint cans accordingly? Buses, curtains, walls all changing colour with elections? You seem to be blind about that. You seem to have lost all forms of logic?

    Tamil politicians in the past had been well educated, enlightened gentlemen and people like you have got rid of them as impotent. Even now Tamils behave better than Sinhalese in the parliament, don`t try to hide the truth man.

    Contrary to what I believed, you are not a novice or a starter but a seasoned mole with a mission to do some dirty job of slinging mud and trying to `convert` people.

    All the world leaders like Bush, Tony Blair and even Howard are openly admitting their blunders, including what happened in Vietnam. Tony Blair had said Iraq was the biggest mistake. Bush is asking for democrats to suggest what to do in Iraq. Even Henry Kissinger had said y`day that Iraq was the biggest US blunder.

    So my dear mole, try to look around what is happening in the world scenario. Your tactics of `sympathy` for Tamil kids and Tamil hunger and asking Tamils to follow the footstep of Asangary and Kadir won`t work right now. Your tactic and mission will fail.

    People are expecting much more honest, sincere and practical solution and not your sweet talk and warped judgment.

    You are embarked on `Mission Impossible`

  • 21 Nov 2006 02:16:06 GMT

    TCK, Yes it`s nice to be back. I was very busy upto my nostrils with work!

  • 21 Nov 2006 05:40:52 GMT


    Singhalese did not kill Tamil politicians who were protesting against the Chauvinism and discrimination they showed against Tamils of Sri Lanka , nor they killed their own politicians despite the political rivalry. The violence in elections in a third world country is not unique to Sri Lanka. Mahathma Gandhi was killed by a Hindu extremist, Indira Gandhi was killed by a Sikh extremist. Ask any Indian today, Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs if they approve those killings? They condemn not condone. But look at the Tamils of Sri Lanka like you who not only condone every killing of Tamil intellectuals by LTTE but also the killing of former Prime minister Rajive Gandhi. You will only condemn when a Tamil, LTTE sympathizer now getting killed open to speculation who the culprits are a result of the culture introduced by LTTE and JVP .

    How come that you can not remember all the killings of Those educated Tamil politicians killed by LTTE , which your Hero the Schizophrenic serial killer Velupillai Prabhakaran started with Jaffna Mayor Duraippa. Now you will say

    bring proof, that is up to you to defend him at Hague as I have told you before.

  • 21 Nov 2006 05:46:12 GMT


    They were not killed by anyone , they committed suicide at their own will!

  • 21 Nov 2006 05:54:02 GMT

    Nada, are you trying to say, that Mahatma Gandhi, Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi, Duraiyappa, Amirthalingam, Sivasithamparam, Pararajasigham, Premadasa, Gamini Dissanayake, and the long long list of politicians international and local all who died under similar circumstances all committed suicide?

    If so could you kindly define in your words as to what the word suicide means if according to you it is different to the common meaning of `taking ones own life`.

    As I understand none of those mentioned above `took their own lives` rather it was `taken away by some one else` which is understood to mean as `murder` or `culpable homicide` and not `suicide`. In the case of Rajiv Gandhi and the others in Sri Lanka that `some one else` who took those lives were either Prabhakaran by himself or by his LTTE and the cohorts he has brainwashed.

  • 21 Nov 2006 08:44:02 GMT

    Hi kiwikanga,

    I appreciate your concern and even the anxiety you show of some of the terms used.

    Yeah, in SL we are trying to re-define many things and it becomes so important to tide over the waves of changes and transformation that are taking place.

    We are struck for words to define democracy, minority, majority, culture, civilization, right, wrong, terrorists, freedom fighters, patriots, patriotism, nationalism, religious concepts, war, conventions, ceasefire, justice, fairplay, equality, judiciary, parliament, freedom, journalism, transparency, good governance, oppression, citizens, migrants, Tamils, Sinhalese...to name a few so I added a few more of my doubts such as suicide.

    I feel happy to declare that so many thousands of Tamils committed suicide for being Tamils from 1956 rather than blaming the Sinhalese for the carnage.

    If you could say school children as terrorists or potential terrorists, if you could declare extra judicial execution as accidental explosion of their own explosives, don`t I have at least this right to declare all these deaths as suicide?

    Any reckless act that leads to death is some time casually referred to as `suicide`. In that context Ponnampalam Junior, Batticaloa MP, even the recent Tamil MP and several Tamil journalists all died not because of murder by Sinhalese but by their `reckless actions` and they asked for it knowing well the dangers involved.

    For that matter even the GOSL is on a suicidal path!

    So my pal, cannot we casually refer to all these deaths as `suicides`? Also by this we will avoid blaming any one.

    You wonder how people are changing? Yeah, it has to happen, that is evolution and environment determines not only physical features but behaviour and analytical power too

    Pal, don`t rake your mind too much for this posting. This is what we are going through when many countries are fighting to further improve their quality of life. We too are fighting no doubt, but to go back to the stone age.

    I never knew that karma could engulf a whole country!!!

  • 21 Nov 2006 09:23:59 GMT

    Nada, I do not for a moment condone what is being done by the GOSL and the armed forces on the pretext of defensive attacks or the commision of other inhuman attrocities victimising innocent civilians.

    Similarly I do not condone the acts committed by the LTTE on the pretext of a liberation struggle. The more the 2 sides remain at extremes the more difficult and long drawn it will be in achieving a lasting peace. Casting accusations at each other and the unwillingness to seek a genuine settlement will remain for generations to come till the extremist attitudes on both sides change to those of moderation.

    However Nada, it does no good to change the true meaning of suicide to justify murders whether commited by the LTTE or the GOSL. A murder is a murder and is distinct from a suicide. Who ever takes away the life of another for a self centred reason will be a murderer.