Security forces cannot defeat tigers

  • 14 Nov 2006 03:21:52 GMT

    As a citizen of the country (irrespective of his political alliance) he should have pointed out how we can defeat LTTE.

    He should do an analysis as to why security forces can not defeat LTTE and rectify any weaknesses in the system.

    What we expect from him is to say how to defeat the enemy.Instead, he has become the second voice for LTTE.

    What a pathatic creature.

  • 14 Nov 2006 03:40:14 GMT

    Silly nut Thamil Wickramasinho,

    [Speaking about the murder of TNA Parliamentarian Nadarajah Raviraj Mr. Wickremasinghe said assassinating Parliamentarians would harm people`s sovereignty.]

    Ha ha, If your firend VP did not bumped off Gamini Dissanayake and Premadasa, where would you be at this moment???

    Be fank man (or person, whatever) admit that your good fortunes were brought about by murdering parlimentarians!!


  • 14 Nov 2006 04:03:29 GMT

    This idiot is talking the truth. It is matter for voters and UNPier`s to decide whether he is suitable for the leadership.

  • 14 Nov 2006 04:44:21 GMT


    SL forces are protecting the country and people day and night. Our brave soldiers defend you and your families. You morons talk nonsense by underestimating the power of our armies while the same soldiers are defending you in and out the building.

    People like you should not become the president of the country and not worth to be the chief of the army.

  • 14 Nov 2006 05:38:45 GMT

    Its not wonder to see the level of Ranil`s brain, which cant identify the responsibilities of the national army and LTTE.

    Even a child can see why SLA cant defeat LTTE in this war. LTTE is always selecting its own places and moments to attack and GOSL has to protect civilians too.

    Its not easy to find LTTE concentrations, to be targeted easily.

    Then, we saw, what was the black mark SLA got after eastern refugee camp attack, which was a grave mistake.

    Under this environment, if the opposition leader is simply comparing LTTE and SLA, he is only expecting more marks from IC to polish his international image.


  • 14 Nov 2006 06:00:16 GMT

    This Ranil bull is also not different to the TNA bulls. They all bark on our SF, without whome they cannot move any where.

    Poor morons born along with us due to our bad luck.

    When we will be able to get rid of them....

  • 14 Nov 2006 06:09:00 GMT

    Sansare bro,

    This Ranil is really a fool. He does not know how to talk to the Sri Lankan masses! this is how he loses election after election!

    He should say that our proud soldiers can wipe out the LTTE within days or like many in this forum say `by the 27th of November`.

    You wrote:

    [Even a child can see why SLA cant defeat LTTE in this war. LTTE is always selecting its own places and moments to attack and GOSL has to protect civilians too. ]

    Isn`t it what Ranil also saying???

    Isn`t he also saying that LTTE cannot win the WAR either???

    Where is he comparing the responsibility of the Military and LTTE???

    It is not whether the Security forces can defeat LTTE or not. It is about whether under the current environment, the resources the country has, and the repercussions domestically and internationally, we can do it or not.

    One way is to totally destroy the entire Tamil community. Is it feasible????

    We all, Tamils and Sinhalese tend to view the situation with our egos and emotions rather than being realistic!

    True, the truth hurts our egos!!

  • 14 Nov 2006 06:48:38 GMT

    Kula bro,

    [True, the truth hurts our egos!!]

    I think, here truth came in a very bad shape.

    I think, if we compare the forces of LTTE and SLA, as TIMS or Newsweek does when there is a war, LTTE is even not close to SLA. So, its clear LTTE wants to get its demands fully by this gurilla type war.

    But, by the way war proceed, LTTE has many advantages, its very complicate, LTTE uses field war and propaganda war with a good balance, while establishing its claim day be day.

    Many Sri Lankans are not happy about this ground reality. I dont like to see LTTE is eliminating, as its the organization brought Tamils issue to the level that Tamils wanted.

    But, as the opposition leader, Ranil must avoid these sensitive way of talk, which normally uses only to talk with IC. For general public, he can say, `Sinhalese or Tamils are not supposed to win over each other and GOSL has the full responsibility to address the valid issues forward by LTTE through the war`.

    True or NOT, telling `SLA or LTTE cant win the war` is very easy way to conclude. A responsible leader should not do that,...


  • 14 Nov 2006 07:10:41 GMT

    Dear Sansare bro,

    Truth, in whatever shape it comes, its the truth and it is stubborn.

    In conventional warfare, yes there is no comparison. We are not dealing with conventional war here. In political terms what you are saying is true.

    But that will not help our country to progress. That is the reality!

    If we have to find a solution to this problem, both masses should fully understand the realities!

    Tamils masses should understand that achieving a separate state is impossible under the current geo-political environment in the sub-continent.

    Similarly the Sinhala masses should be made to understand that defeating the LTTE militarily or winning the WAR comes with an untenable price if not impossible.

    But accepting one and conveniently forgetting the other is not going to help the future. It may help some, if not all politicians to win elections but the country will go to dogs.

    By giving a false hope to the masses that we can win the WAR will only harden their attitude and make them support the WAR further. That is what MR did to win the election and part of his Govt. is continuously trying to do. This will make a political solution impossible as the Sinhala masses would not support such a situation as they believe this can be achieved by WAR.

    Is the sunni or shi`te insurgency a match to American and Bristish forces???

    Don`t we expect Bush to tell the world and his American people that the WAR in Iraq cannot be won??

    He didn`t and he got the result, thanks to the independent media and the Democrats!!

    We have a long way to go..

    OR are we underestimating the masses???

    That is why Ranil does not suit to Sri Lankan politics!

  • 14 Nov 2006 07:17:16 GMT

    When he was the PM if RW did not allow 12 or 13 ship loads of arms and ammunition to LTTE I am sure by now LTTE would have been defeated But he allowed

    What a rotter he is and he is the leader of a political party

    No wonder we are in such a mess

    I pray MR`s government will solve the problem with LTTE.