Hema Premadasa ready to swap residence

  • 13 Nov 2006 19:27:20 GMT

    No, Give one one from Yala.

  • 14 Nov 2006 04:03:05 GMT

    They have given houses to others in the past as a GAMUDAWA.. Today their situation is like this, don`t you feel sorry for them.. This is a revenge.. We should not do that... That why Sri Lanka remain the same...

  • 14 Nov 2006 06:48:08 GMT

    They more fit to hell. We remember their behaviour during the premadasa regime. Their sin only srilanka carry still.

  • 14 Nov 2006 12:47:22 GMT

    The government must provide a suitable residence for mrs.premadasa as she deserves it.Like Chandrika they didn`t take any unnecessary advantages.If the government can give all needs of chandrika and if she is doing all high rank activities in uk (mansions, 12000 curtains,security guards with high salries, etc.)why the SL government cannot provide a proper residence for the ex first lady.

    This is why our country remains in the same position all the time.

    Mr.Premadasa is the only one who did for the country upto a certain level in recent years however our people forget things easily.