Business with philanthropy - Dr Lalith Kotelawala

  • 21 Nov 2006 07:56:49 GMT

    Kotalawala was a good businessman for whole his life and became a philanthropy few years back. Now he is trying to be the greatest philanthropy of Sri Lanka.

    As a businessman he ignored poor people all his life, trying to serve rich and elite people always. He never had a product for poor people, his companys never served outstation people.

    Seylan bank operated only in colombo for few years catering only to colombo business community, but following sampath Bank principle,it started expanding in outstation.

    He never knew poor people were there in the country. When about to die he suddenly realized that there is an underpriviledge class sorounding him.

    Philanthropy is a born character. you can not buy it.

  • 21 Nov 2006 08:58:01 GMT

    Kotalawela is receiving a hell of a lot of publicity in the local media in Sri Lanka these days particularly capitalising on the tsunami devastations and portraying how his Ceylinco stepped into be the saviour. All this suggests something sinister, as 3 or 4 years ago Kotalawela did not lead a high profile life with immense publicity. The possibility is that he is attempting to enter the dirty game of politics very very soon! After all his uncle was into it as well.

  • 21 Nov 2006 15:47:54 GMT

    [They have done great service to their people and you can`t brand them as pure terrorists as they are genuine freedom fighters. ]

    and who is this man

    [ Kotelawala`s uncle was the third prime minister of Sri Lanka and his father fought for economic freedom, so he is not new to serving his country. ]

  • 21 Nov 2006 16:28:34 GMT

    [Today, I have many homes, bungalows and holiday homes. Some I haven`t even seen. I have almost 20 cars, but I can only drive one at a time. I can afford to eat the best food at the best hotels, but I am a diabetic. So I cannot. Money is a tool that can be used to improve lives and I believe that those with money must use it to help others help themselves. It can really help alleviate poverty. ]

    I loved this line from him.

  • 22 Nov 2006 09:18:36 GMT

    Although I personally don?t share his view regarding the LTTE, he has done a lot for the poor people in recent years and should be respected for these actions. I certainly don?t know many rich people who can say = I can really help to alleviate poverty = and even less of them who really mean it and take positive actions. Do you?