Minor Cabinet reshuffle likely

  • 12 Nov 2006 11:52:39 GMT


    Whats the problem???

    The President can create a new ministry something like Minister for Paramilitary Affairs or Minister for Seerum Padai!!

    At the rate people are being killed, he may even need a

    Minsiter for Funerals as it might become a full time job!!!

  • 12 Nov 2006 13:52:58 GMT

    One thing is sure.

    When the country is going like this, most of ministers can escape from own responsibility, since all are looking at the war!


  • 12 Nov 2006 17:58:23 GMT

    I hear our Pera is going to be promoted to the Cabinet and

    appointed Minister of Funeral Affairs. Duties will be to visit every one killed by the LTTE, JVP and MRs Wambota gang (soldiers, civilians, anti-govt politicians etc etc) on behalf of MR.

    MR is an seasonsed Campaigner on running around the country offering flowers at temples, funeral houses, weddings and other public gathering. however, with over 3000 deaths since MR took over, there isnt enough time for MR to do by himself. So the obvious choice is Pera!! :)

    Apei Pera Amathithumata JAYAWEEWA!!!! :)

  • 13 Nov 2006 19:13:29 GMT

    Yes, by the looks of things Minister For Funeral Affairs could be a genuine possibility. Jayaratne Funeral Parlour might agree to lease a part of their building for the ministry.