Sri Lanka regrets killing of civilians

  • 9 Nov 2006 13:09:58 GMT

    If you really regrets killing of innocent tamils , then PROVE to the TAMILS and to the WORLD by punishing the culprit bring the officers in charge to it the book .

  • 9 Nov 2006 13:12:05 GMT


    Is it going to be the same as tharsini`s rape, allaipiddy, vankaalai, mannar, pesaalai sencholai , 17 aids workers, 11 muslims, 5 students in trinco, binduwenna and ect, ect .


  • 9 Nov 2006 13:12:24 GMT

    It`s nice to here it finally, but the way they said it is not that much acceptable isn`t it?

  • 9 Nov 2006 13:12:41 GMT

    [Rambukwella said they were also told that 23 people were killed, but believed the casualties could rise.]

    GOSL officially confirmed, that 28 people were killed and 74 others were injured in the attack.

  • 9 Nov 2006 13:13:43 GMT

    These are not serious comments.

    Rambukwella should have said:

    `that the military had targeted two Tamil Tiger artillery positions but we did not know where they were,so we hit two schools that was filled with refugees who are diplaced by the recent clashes

    We do not see the difference between LTTE and the Tamil civilians.`

  • 9 Nov 2006 13:13:57 GMT

    Well done Keheliya, you have proved my point being a Gentleman.

    What we need is less of these accounts and express elimination of terrorists.


  • 9 Nov 2006 13:15:55 GMT


    No point asking these people who do not even know how to apologise to its own citizens. Why is that stupid comical ali Keheliya talking, instead of the Cammander,undisputed Champion of the sinhala budhists Mahinda releasing the same old message; LTTE used civilians as human shield, well if they know there are civilians why are they shelling those areas, they know there are refugee camps.

    No wonder people like us support LTTE and the majority of the Tamils, is there an alternative for our long term safety and security with these racially religiously motivated sinhala budhist government?????????????????

  • 9 Nov 2006 13:18:13 GMT

    How can the Culprits bring the culprits to account; they are one and the same!!!!

    Paalukku Poonai Kaaval.

  • 9 Nov 2006 13:18:36 GMT

    Govt spokesman wants to kill more Tamil civilians[ While we regret this whole episode, we want to say that national security is uppermost in our minds,` Defence Spokesman Keheliya Rambukwella told reporters here.

    `The actions of the security forces was inevitable,` he said.


    What the butcher says is that bombing and shelling Tamil civilans are `inevitable`.

  • 9 Nov 2006 13:21:39 GMT

    [Sri Lanka regrets killing of civilians ]

    dear , IC , are you their ? what is your opinion ? so kill, and kill then just release statement or a regret and its over ,if so this could be the same to the others .