Open the A 9, with safeguards

  • 3 Nov 2006 18:14:13 GMT

    As I said earlier already, latest by now the last short-sighted LTTE supporters in Jaffna should realise that these barbarians, who are the root cause of the problem, are not at all interested in the humanitarian aspect of this crisis. They have a cash flow problem and no opportunity to racket anyone along the A-9 anymore.

    How about this:

    a) check if LTTE would allow bonded truck convoys under ICRC/UN flag to use the A-9 unharmed and unracketed up to Jaffna. If by any extraordinary circumstances the answer should be yes, go to b.

    b) when re-entering GOSL controlled area check how many trucks and cargo is left and if by extraordinary circumstances nothing has been touched I am prepared to diet for a week (need to loose a few kilos anyway), but as we all know, it will have to be c

    c) which is alternative sea route combined with products originating from India (which the LTTE will probably try to attack to prove their humanity towards the poor Jaffna guys)

    Conclusion: everything needs to be done to help the ordinary Tamils folks in the North while isolating the LTTE at the same time (who are still strong enough to dig their own grave, if they really wish to).