SLAF bombs broadcast tower in Vanni

  • 17 Oct 2006 13:23:43 GMT

    I think the LTTE was using the tower only for the purpose of transmitting TV programs for the pleasure of the people. They have not used it for their communication at all.

    Konde bandapu Chinese may believe this :))

  • 17 Oct 2006 13:26:19 GMT

    What else would you expect from this autocratic Mahinda?

    He has already managed to gag the press in the south and is trying to do the same in Eelam also.He will not succeed in Vanni.

    Don`t start blarting when the LTTE blows up the SLBC broadcast tower.

  • 17 Oct 2006 13:28:17 GMT

    These days the military installations are the legitimate target for the tigers, after this cowardly act, the srilankan economy is a legitimate target for the tigers as it is too funding the war machines of the barbaric srilankan forces.

  • 17 Oct 2006 13:31:27 GMT

    I think if the Tigers Do decide to HIt the economy in the south (WHICH by the WAY is the ONLY way to stop the war. GOSL will sacrifice even 1000+ soldiers and wouldnt budge although the Army morale must be pretty low now) IT will Be FULLY JUSTIFIED Now.

    ran out of cows i guess!

  • 17 Oct 2006 13:33:26 GMT

    Tigress I agree.

    I think the Tigers must target important industrial and economic areas.

    After military targets economic targets are the second most effective way of hurting the enemy. When the economy goes down the GOSL will agree to a settlement.

  • 17 Oct 2006 13:36:24 GMT

    An interview with an editor who met VP.

    [Read Prabhakaran`s Martyrs Day`s speech given after the president`s election. The LTTE chief was ready to do something. I know it because my managing editor E Saravanpavan and I were the go-between between them. ]

    MR back door antics

    [When did you meet him the last time?

    Recently, when we took President Rajpakse`s message to him. ]

    and here is VP said

    [When you met Prabhakaran to convey President Rajpakse`s proposal, what was his response?

    Prabhakaran said if the Sri Lankan government has the guts to throw Norway out and talk to him directly, then it should do so openly and not clandestinely. If the government thinks we can talk only through Norway, then we have a chance to talk about peace if the government fulfils certain things. Like stopping the paramilitary actions and the militarisation of Tamil areas. ]

  • 17 Oct 2006 13:37:36 GMT

    Well done Little Lions,

    you can sit even on the tail even if you got your all four legs broken..

    Never hesitate to destroy anythig belonging to terrorist.

    All I need from you is to continue the war for another 30+ years.

    Dont care the recent deaths, it is natural.

    go lions go.. -(0_0)-

  • 17 Oct 2006 13:41:23 GMT

    Well do not cry when LTTE blow your SLBC.

  • 17 Oct 2006 13:42:33 GMT

    Yes yes this cowardly act (bombing from the air) should give a bit of a pleasure to the punnakku munching gullible after nearly 1000 injured+dead.


    agreed, this is the beginning,


    i saw that interview earlier, thanks for the links if others did not see it.

  • 17 Oct 2006 13:45:03 GMT

    Niyama gema