Bomb blast on SLN vehicles, 70 killed

  • 16 Oct 2006 13:14:19 GMT

    Looks like mahindas , message he send to tamils flying a Kfir ( that killed many tamil school childrens ) was well received.

    lets pray for this Missing before action boys.(MBA`s)

    this boys was on their way to muhamalai to start the Fonsekas round two attack. they would have been killed there anyway.

    please sinhalese dont get emmotional, everyday 10-20 tamils are killed by sinhala forces. this is how we feel everyday.

    [[ Those who have dealt with the LTTE over a long period of time in India feel it is foolhardy to think that there can be any solution other than a negotiated one and are more than convinced that neither side can achieve an outright military victory.

    What has upset Indians is that despite professing the best of intentions, New Delhi`s pleas were shunned, with disastrous consequences on the battlefield.

    `Only about three months ago they were pleading for our help. Suddenly they were behaving as if they were capable of destroying the LTTE,` a source with access to high-level thinking told IANS here. `It was foolishness.`

    While India is pleased that the ruling Sri Lanka Freedom Party and the main opposition United National Party are on a fence-mending drive, with an eye on resolving the ethnic conflict, New Delhi is clear on two issues: Sri Lanka should not be broken up, and there has to be a federal governance that will satisfy the legitimate political aspirations of the Tamil minority.

    Pointed out that federalism was anathema to many Sinhalese, the source, speaking strictly on condition of anonymity, said: `Then Sri Lanka must be prepared to face the consequences.` ]]

  • 16 Oct 2006 13:15:17 GMT

    Humpty dumpty sat in the bus

    humpty dumpty enjoyed big blast!

  • 16 Oct 2006 13:15:54 GMT

    There is a Kifar down as well ....

  • 16 Oct 2006 13:16:24 GMT

    Breaking News

    One Kifir plane was show down near Negembo

  • 16 Oct 2006 13:17:09 GMT

    CNN is reporting more than 90 killed.

    My DEEPEST sympathies to all those familes have lost loved ones and to all those familes who will be loosing loved ones in the comming days. We can all thank the LTTE, JVP, JHU and Ofcourse our beloved Ruhunu Putha.

    And the rest of you at Lankanewspapers can HOOT at each other with all those racist comments.

  • 16 Oct 2006 13:18:15 GMT

    // Snap

  • 16 Oct 2006 13:18:34 GMT

    Now the war begins in the earnest.........

    Su Pa will have to begin sending many letter to the White tigers on a daily basis.

    Also he will need a deeper fox hole so are the others.

    A declared war with no human rights parameters.

    SLMM,INGO, HR Organisations pack up and go home.

    LTTE have set the standards. Overseas LTTE goons can relax in their arm chairs.... what about those people in the Wanni region??????????

    Su Pa & the White Tigers nor can commence to shout on a daily basis.

  • 16 Oct 2006 13:19:03 GMT

    92 killed...

    The pilot of the Kfir has survied... its a mechanical problem...

    You will get punishement bloody LTTE barbarians...

  • 16 Oct 2006 13:19:15 GMT

    This is exactly whats going to happen when tigers decide where the battles are going to be. To date it was gosl where the battle. We modayas ever going to learn.

    Stop this war and talk

  • 16 Oct 2006 13:19:19 GMT

    Normally people complain about Tamilnet too high

    this looks like too low

    hey hi Wimal 22 good to see you was your trip to canada