No freedom for SB on Independence Day amnesty

  • 31 Jan 2006 23:56:16 GMT

    Does the riding that SB represent back him. If so he should inform MR that he is prepared to work for him and switch. at the very least he will get a luxury car.

  • 1 Feb 2006 00:30:38 GMT

    SB will be released once there is some assurance that soon after he comes out of jail that he`d be joining the SLFP to sling back all the mud he held during the years being a UNPer. This is the waiting game and MR knows when to do it and that won`t be that long. Once he comes out he`ll be the new kid on the block for the MR regiment.

  • 1 Feb 2006 01:01:32 GMT

    This is a special case, no crime as such only contempt of court. The amnesty list should have been prepared as usual by the Commissioner of Prisons. The Justice ministry want to see that SB is not included in the list. Why the change in the administrative procedure?. It is a clear case of `SHOW ME THE MAN I WILL SHOW YOU THE RULE`. This is the type of justice any citizen can expect from our court of law.

  • 1 Feb 2006 02:03:10 GMT

    SL may be the only country on the planet where the Supreme Court having the ability to sentence an offender for the offence of `contempt of court` for a period of `simple imprisonment` goes on to give a sentence of `rigorous imprisonment` which is clearly `ultra-vires` the Supreme Court Rules, and then releases offenders of various other serious crimes under `pardons` but continues to incacerate an offender of `contempt of court`.

    SB is definitely not a `goody goody buddy`. But his sentence of 2 years RI is not proper in law for `contempt of court`. If those in power wanted to send SB for a life term there would have been enough grounds to charge him on all the villany he has done to justify life imprisonment. But this is a typical example of politicisation of the justice system. Unfortunately today a ruling by the Supreme Court is final and there is no forum to appeal as even appeals to the Privy Council were stopped long time ago because most rulings of the Privi Council caused embarrasment to the government.

  • 1 Feb 2006 03:17:25 GMT

    SB is at the right place. So do not disturb his life any further. He is a man who once said that if the minister cant hit people who else can. If there is a provision we have another 225 to make a ring of SB at Welikada.

  • 1 Feb 2006 03:23:46 GMT

    Ranil & Co and MR & Co do not want an early release of SB and want to deprive him from entering into active politics, too.

    SB will be in political history, soon.

    There is a misconception too, who said he is a political prisoner?

  • 1 Feb 2006 05:52:23 GMT

    I Think S.B Dissanayake has not spent much time in the prison. He had spent most of his sentenced time in a hospital claiming a problem in his spine.

  • 1 Feb 2006 06:15:31 GMT

    Baba2006, there are so many people who are punished for `contempt of court` but never with 2years RI (Rigorous Imprisonment). Only SB has been targeted for that and that also when the SC had no legal power to do it. It was just the CJ`s private power. Why? That is political victimisation.

    SB is a `bad egg` no doubt that he should be doing life in prison for what he has done by pilfering and plundering etc etc. But then he should be charged and punished accordingly.

    Even the devil has to be given the due justice in the proper manner.

  • 1 Feb 2006 12:41:02 GMT

    Mahinda and Ranil both do not need SB ,RIP

  • 1 Feb 2006 14:49:57 GMT

    SB was sent to prison by the supreme court and therefore as a democratic president, Mr Rajapakse, should get the views of the supreme court before giving SB a pardon. I think supreme court has recommended not to release him as this may be a insult to the court.

    As Mrs Renuka Herath has already been appointed for SB vacant MP post I suppose SB will have to stay a few months in the jail. Even if he returns from jail he can`t involve with politics for another couple of years according to the judgment. Though SB is a victim of this judgment this is a good example for the other politician who think that they can do anything in the country.