`Kassippu` raids - money spinner for govt.

  • 1 Feb 2006 00:00:02 GMT

    I echo your sentiment vegabond. its a shame, no a damn shame!!

    if you cant have a nice quiet decent shot whats the point of living !

  • 1 Feb 2006 00:11:17 GMT


    Good that you understand. I have never tried kassippu though. We did not have any teachers after 83 for few years in our school, We used to enjoy raa in our class rooms. That was fun. We knew few kassippu joints in the town though.

  • 1 Feb 2006 00:23:54 GMT


    i havent tried it either but as the tamil saying goes

    kalavum katru mara (even learn to rob, but forget it later)

    no harm in trying it once. just got to make sure one doesnt overdose!

  • 1 Feb 2006 00:32:51 GMT


    I disagree with you

    `kalavum katrum ara` (do not learn to steal ever)

  • 1 Feb 2006 00:51:51 GMT

    ``kalavum katrum ara` (do not learn to steal ever)``


    this is news to me. i have to consult with my tamil teacher. i never liked him anyway!

  • 1 Feb 2006 00:57:51 GMT


    Like I said we did not have teachers in our school, so we taught ourself differently, I guess.

  • 1 Feb 2006 01:04:35 GMT

    I dont know whats better. having teachers who teach wrong stuff or having no teachers. i know the tamil medium was affected after 83 but most schools had some sort of arrangemnt.

  • 1 Feb 2006 03:30:01 GMT

    Vagabond your idea of `decent drinks` is rather strange! But on the other hand Kasippu and Vodka are rather similar in strenghth and exactly the same in appearence only kasippu is much cheaper!

    If the government legalises the stuff it could be taxed on the usual basis other liquor is taxed and may be SL could give a good run to Vodka by exporting kasippu!

  • 1 Feb 2006 03:48:18 GMT

    MURAJ, even if buddhism restricts alcohol (sura mera majjapama...) it is observed by many and most in the breach including the saffron robed gentry! So now it is unofficially interpreted as alcohol is permitted in moderation!

  • 1 Feb 2006 08:59:03 GMT

    Seen the stuff never tried though. And it stinks like hell.

    I`ve heard they add urine in to the solution. People who drink it, I have only 2 words, bless them.