Court reserves order in `Helping Hambantota` rights petition

  • 31 Jan 2006 13:07:15 GMT

    Look the man who stole millions become president ,and comander in chief

    Robbers` of tsunami aid items arrested

    Tuesday, January 31,2006

    COLOMBO: Three persons who had allegedly stolen tsunami relief aid items that had been stored in a catholic church were arrested by the Kattankudy police. The suspects had reportedly broken into a church in Kattankudy area on Sunday night got away with goods worth Rs 25, 000.

    OIC Kattankudy police, Inspector H.M.C.P. Herath said the burglars had stolen various household items which were to be distributed among the tsunami affected persons in the area.

    The suspects were however apprehended with the help of the people in the area and were produced before Batticaloa Magistrate who remanded them.

    Police recovered the stolen items from the suspects? possession.

  • 31 Jan 2006 14:20:04 GMT


    My friend, you are funny. Why are you attacking motta rala. It was you who helped him get out of this. It was the LTTE who made him president. If he didnt become president he would NOT be able to manupulate the judiciary like this and would be in Jail today :) :)... So dont blame anyone else - blame the LTTE :) :)

  • 31 Jan 2006 14:48:13 GMT

    Anizam this is where you are wrong.

    why Tamil people boycotted this election?

    Tamil never supported killing of any innocent singhalese, and Tamils have suffered enough they are living in tents and sheds for over 20 years.( those fishing families they are not allowed to fish,and their homes are occupied by army and their childrens schools are occupied and so on)

    in the election Tamils gave the opotunity for singhalse( just singhalse) to vote a leader who they think will bring peace.

    as far as tamils are concered both leaders are waste, Ranil talked for 3 years none of their core issues were addresed , even in election noone talked about the burning issues of tamils, those occupation of armies in their land and home , and free fishing in sea., fisherman suffer from all sort of intemedation by army) this is my view and i come from a fishing village and i have ben going there every year for the last few years and i have seen , and talked to the people. and i know too well.

    even before the election i did say Tamils patience is at braking point. noone took care of it. it is LTTE that care these people.

    once war brake out innocent singhalse will die this time. because all these years tamils never supported killing of any innocent singhallese. even when army dies and body leftover tamil people do do proper funerals i have heard people evensay they also someones loving child. all this will change it is because now people come to a point we cant just goon like this.

    Mahinda is not for peace , he is preparing for war. in geneva talks will decide war or peace nothing else.