FBI, Scotland Yard set to curb Lankan money laundering

  • 28 Jan 2006 22:30:28 GMT

    It looks as though Mangala Samaraweera DID pull some rabbits off the hat when he visited the US afterall...

  • 28 Jan 2006 23:56:32 GMT

    Ah yes the Tamil gangs, the `hard` teenagers who go around with knives and attack, harm and rob innocent people on the streets. Most of whom are fellow Tamils.

    Ironic that they call themselves `Tamil Tigers` and carry out ruthless attacks on fellow Tamils in the streets of London, mirroring their `big brothers` in the North and East of Sri Lanka.

    I had an encounter with the `Wembley branch` while travelling on the underground once when using the Met line. They started hurling abuse, before coming to an abrupt stop after their interest went to some `Pakistani Panthers`, so I was left alone after some minor harassment because, as they claimed, i was a: `worthless Sinhalese dog who should burn on the train tracks` they said something else but either it was because their English was so poor, or they were speaking in Tamil i never caught it.

    I`m glad i don`t live in London.

    Sri Lankan Tamils living in the UK have quite a reputation for being aggressive, rude, alcoholics, murders, theives and drug dealers. There was a Newsnight speical, which stated how even the police are trying to learn Tamil to infiltrate these gangs in order to end the violence and drug movement.

  • 29 Jan 2006 05:58:01 GMT


    Toronto tamils are somewhat similar to UK tamils. Recently one guy was shot and killed. Some time ago, LTTE tamils were going against non-LTTE tamils and anyone talked against them very often.

    Tamils immigrants were respectable if they immigrated before 1983. People came after 1983 are different.

  • 29 Jan 2006 06:04:02 GMT

    Cant we bring FBI and Scotland Yard to probe those who cheated tsunami funds too?

  • 29 Jan 2006 09:05:02 GMT

    I cannot speak of the FBI but I am willing to state that the Scotland yard is Tamil bias?

    Why I say this is because they allowed the meeting to commemorate Parayakarans`s birthday - 27 Nov 2005

    This was after they did not allow the fund razing cricket match in July / Aug

    In a country where consistence is paramount I am yet to understand why the have double standards I suppose the Scotland yard officers are very unpredictable?

  • 29 Jan 2006 10:37:26 GMT

    Can a LTTE lover comment on this matter please ? i dont see any of them here

  • 29 Jan 2006 10:48:49 GMT

  • 29 Jan 2006 11:51:15 GMT

    I think this was long overdue, in fact it is too late almost now. LTTE already had set up teh channels and it will take a few years until the flow dries up.

    But this is better than nothing.

  • 29 Jan 2006 12:59:57 GMT

    Wijeyesinghe you have to keep in mind that the UK has its own breed of terrorists. Its ok for them to shoot their terrorists in the head if they deem necessary.

    But we have to negotiate `peace` with our terrorists. `Peace` being the terrorists getting what they want one way or the other.

    I feel sorry for the thousands upon thousands of peace loving Tamils in the North and East who suffer under a madman`s fascist regime.

  • 29 Jan 2006 13:18:35 GMT

    `Tamils immigrants were respectable if they immigrated before 1983. People came after 1983 are different.`

    Spot on Anud.