JVP wants Indian Oil Co. restricted

  • 28 Jan 2006 21:57:27 GMT

    What happened to those so-called petroleum deposits off the coast of Puttalam? That was in fact the reason why a `Petroleum Resources` ministry was created during Chandrika`s tenure. Whatever is going on now?

  • 28 Jan 2006 22:30:03 GMT

    The hell with them.

    India is useless and worthless.

    Indians are no different from their average American counterparts, both arrogant and foolish.

    I`m sure they hold pride in finally managing to force us to buy their sub-standard technology.

  • 28 Jan 2006 23:43:25 GMT

    How funny. For the past three years the JVP has been trying to be nice to India in order to get her to support the government against the tigers but, when that failed, they are now slowly turning against India.

    It is too late, sahodarayas. The Indians have a chokehold on every aspect of Sri Lanka`s establishment, including the economy and the military.

  • 28 Jan 2006 23:49:54 GMT

    This is the problem with privatization and in allowing foreign capitalists to buy off key sectors of the economy. Development becomes even more uneven with some areas considered unprofitable being unserviced.

    The problem for the country is that the State run eneterprises are completely corrupt and inefficient while the private investors cannot be trusted to care about the helathy devleopemtn of the country - their only concern is their bottom line.

    The solution lies in workers power in the work place and in national economic planning. That is, in the direct participation of the workers in the managment of the enterprise.

    The epochal change from poltical autocracy to poltitcal democracy now needs to be followed by economic autocracy changing to economic democracy. This is the way of defeating bureaucratism of entrenched castes forming that are removed from the actual forces of production.

    Militant democratic unions are the nuclei of workplace councils of the future. One hopes that the JVP affiliated unions have better politics than it national leadership.

  • 28 Jan 2006 23:56:57 GMT

    Not only oil they are not very happy with Norway too. so what new


    We don`t accept Solheim`s episode - Wimal Weerawansa

  • 29 Jan 2006 00:10:26 GMT

    Dear all,

    The JVP always had and have the courage to say what is wrong and what is right, without any favouritism towards individuals or countries. That is why the people of Sri Lanka trust them than any other political party or a group.

    Good on you the JVP, we appreciate your courage and the honesty.

  • 29 Jan 2006 00:36:34 GMT

    Well said Piranha

  • 29 Jan 2006 00:42:41 GMT

    What the JVP and the Minister did not say is that the Government too owes IOC to the tune of Rs 7 billion on account of subsidies agreed for selling petroleum products below cost.

    As a result of this, IOC`s share trading was suspended at the CSE.


  • 29 Jan 2006 00:56:27 GMT


    `The JVP always had and have the courage to say what is wrong and what is right`

    Bull s**t,

    So how come their stance on venue for peace talks changed

    within weeks,B4 they said peace talks should not be held outside asia and now? Is it because switzerland became part

    of asia to JVP goons.

    Nandana gunatilake has said they are happy that atleast the govt was able to change the venue instead of Oslo. For the Meeharak this may be big diffence but for the right thinking ppl this is not an issue, as both countries are out of EU borders.

    Dont you think if they agreed on this long ago we could have saved the lives of more than 150 soldiers and civilians?

    Courage and honesty,,,,

    my A*s.

    Go and tell southern meeharak, they will believe you.

  • 29 Jan 2006 01:00:31 GMT