Govt. hunts for CBK friend who made millions

  • 28 Jan 2006 23:53:58 GMT

    This is good example that explains SL government does not discriminate Tamils. CBK has has given opportunity equally to all communities to prosper.

    Sivasinanthan Selvaratnam - Tamil

    Suwaneetta Selvaratnam - Probably Sinhalese

    Shantha Wijesinghe - Sinhalese

    Susan Wijesinghe - seems like English

    Ronnie Peiris - probably burger?(I see Peirises where ever I go)?

    So please Tamils don`t winge here after. Look for opportunities and grab them.

  • 29 Jan 2006 08:52:02 GMT

    I am sure very many will be found

    But them what will the Govt do with them?

  • 29 Jan 2006 20:41:45 GMT

    Is there any possibility of taking legal action against CBK. She should not be allowed to go scot free. Now you know the reason as to why these people are after the Journalists. We need people of the calibre of the editor of Sunday Leader.

  • 29 Jan 2006 21:37:59 GMT

    This is a very good development. However in SL, while your in power you can get out scott free. All these things come out only after you leave power. I hope CBK is punished for all her crimes.

    I also hope sometime in the near future - those who were responsible for plundering, 83 million from the HELPING HAMBANTHOTA fund will also be punished.

  • 29 Jan 2006 23:29:23 GMT

    Mr Vengaboy you are a dam moda vandabona like the RACIEST MAJORITY and thats the reason you good to eat konda KAYUMM.

    The Burghers our a better breath than you, and do not tickle others to get favors not in the history of this country, a proud bunch.So better withdraw your foul mouth.

  • 30 Jan 2006 00:56:31 GMT

    Anizam & kandappa,

    no action will be taken against CBK because she has the chief justice in her back pocket.

    if there was a decent judicial system she should have been hanged along time ago for the amount of `deals` she has put through.

    emirates deal, the airport `development` deal and this to name a few

  • 30 Jan 2006 05:35:03 GMT

    CBK was trained by JJ of Tamil Nadu how to land deals when in power

  • 30 Jan 2006 17:01:53 GMT

    Shameless woman. The wealth the Bandas have squandered from the people are irreplaceble. This is just a fraction, more will follow in the latter course.

    Who`s going to serve them justice, I guess no body. Since those who bring the charges against her will have to face the same music some time later,perhaps when they are not in power.

    This is just another article we will read over and over again, no matter who ever is in power.

    Nevertheless, it is good to know that we have News papers which do not tolerate this kind of behavior

  • 31 Jan 2006 00:43:20 GMT

    All these people who are in power now and hounding CBK were with her for 11 years and not a murmur; if a noise was made it was to worship the ground she walked on, including MR. Why this sudden love for good governance, anti-corruption? Is it the old animal behavior; eating your dead?

    I guess this is the patriotic behavior expected of Sri Lankans. Worship and `lick` while in power, treat like dirt when out of power and has no chance of coming back.

    As the only non-patriot in the forum, my question is who is going to investigate the rogues who are still in government and continue to rob?

    Where else, only in the sunny isle of paradise!

  • 31 Jan 2006 02:39:31 GMT

    There is less point in running after those who are not in power now. Whatever the damage is done. It will be extremely difficult to catch the culprits. (Anyway, I don`t say we should stop chasing. After all what CBK and her friends robbed was OUR money!)

    However, more important is to prevent those who are in power now and their friend further robbing our national treasures.

    Please remember a person who has already robbed 72 million from those poor victims of tsunami can do any dirty thing.